One of the most popular replacement window types are double-hung windows. These versatile window types are among the most stylish and energy efficient on the market. We offer a variety of financing options that make it easier for you to afford our windows, and can even help you find energy-efficient windows that can earn you tax credits. Don't forget to ask about any specials we might be running; we're always looking for ways to save our loyal customers money on their next home renovation or construction project. 

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What Are Double-Hung Windows?

Replacement Double Hung Windows - Advanced Window ProductsDouble-hung windows provide a unique "double movement" action where both the top and the bottom window sashes can open. This gives you more design options when installing your windows and makes it easier to access the exterior glass.

Double hung windows feature tilt open sashes for easy cleaning, energy-efficient Cardinal glass, 3 coats of lowE with argon fill, and a LIFETIME warranty on the glass, window, installation, and manufacturing.

Benefits of Double Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows

Beyond the double movement action that also helps make them easier to clean, double-hung windows offer a myriad of benefits to the consumer. In fact, double-hung windows are typically rated among the most energy efficient windows on the market. And as far as style goes, it's hard to beat the incredible range of double-hung window options. They look great just about anywhere on your home, but are particularly useful for bedroom windows, bathroom windows, and even as decorative windows in a living room.

Advantages of Double Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows

There are several advantages to using vinyl double hung replacement windows that most homeowners will appreciate. There are lower energy costs during winter and summer as the vinyl will remain tighter than most materials no matter the weather. These windows are also almost maintenance-free. It is nearly impossible to scratch or stain vinyl windows, and painting will never be an issue. When these windows need to be cleaned, simple soap and water can do the trick.

Another advantage is the cost. Although vinyl windows are the most affordable option for window material, they are still solid and durable. The homeowner won't have to worry about rust or rot like some other materials. Vinyl windows are a great combination of being made of the least expensive material that windows are made from, yet they remain durable.

Another great thing about replacement vinyl windows is they come in a variety of options. These windows come in a large assortment of colors, they come in a wide variety of sizes, and you can find the style to fit the architecture of your home.

Well lit family room - Double-Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows in Utah

Single Hung vs Double Hung Windows

single hung window has one sash that can be moved up and down. A double-hung window has two sashes that can be moved up and down. The advantages to that configuration are at least two-fold:

  • Because both sashes are able to move up and down, you can add to the amount of ventilation in your home. Some homeowners will open the top sash to ventilate warm air and the lower sash to circulate the air. This allows a greater amount of comfort for longer periods of the year.
  • Another advantage that many homeowners appreciate is that it is easier to clean a double-hung replacement window safely while keeping your feet firmly planted inside your home by using the window tilting technology.

Assistance and Expertise from Advanced Window Products in Salt Lake City, Utah

We offer the products and the service you need to pick the right double hung replacement windows for your home. All of our installers are lead-safe certified, and Energy Star Certified. Another benefit of our products and services is that you can add beautiful, energy-efficient double-hung replacement windows with No Payment & No Interest for 24 months with approved credit.

Stop by our showroom and see the large variety of replacement double hung vinyl windows and to get a free estimate for the cost to replace the windows in your home.

When you decide to upgrade your windows with products from Utah's own Window World, you can even count on two-lifetime warrantees. We have an Advanced Window Products Lifetime Warranty, and the Good Housekeeping Warranty.

We don’t offer double hung window replacement parts unless we have sold your windows to you, and if we sold your windows to you they are probably covered by the warranty. Stop by our location and see if we can help you find what you need.

To keep your double hung vinyl replacement windows looking good for many years to come, take a look at this page on How to Clean Double Hung Windows

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