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How to Clean Double Hung Windows

How to Clean Double Hung Windows

The weather is getting warmer, and you now need to do some sprucing up, and this includes cleaning your double hung windows. You need not be intimidated at the thought of this task — we at Advanced Window Products have prepared a guide to help you get the job done! It’s good to remember that double hung windows have a distinct advantage over other models when it comes time to clean them, because the top and bottom sashes are moveable, meaning that you don’t have to go outside to finish the job.

What You’ll Need

First you’ll want to gather the materials that you will need. This should include:

  • Squeegee
  • Dry cloth
  • Soapy water
  • Light oil, or silicone spray that is dry
  • Mixture of water with a mild detergent
  • Cloth that is free from lint
  • Liquid cleanser
  • Several additional non-abrasive cleaning rags

Open Your Double Hung Windows to Clean Inside and Out

Opening double hung windows can look tricky, but once you know how, you’ll realize how easy it actually is and be a pro in no time! You will want to check your manufacturer’s guide for complete instructions on how to open your double hung windows, but in general, you will want to:

  • Find the mechanism in the center, and turn it counterclockwise to release the lock function.
  • Move the lower window a minimum of 3 inches in the direction of the top window section.
  • Grab hold of both tilt latches, and squeeze them to disengage the holding mechanism.
  • Guide the lower window by its uppermost section, and move it until it is lying horizontal.
  • Once you’ve positioned the window sash away from the frame area, you can maneuver the tilt latches into releasing, as it will not damage the paint using this technique.
  • Move the upper sash in a downward direction by at least 2 inches before squeezing both tilt latches.
  • Move the uppermost sash closer to you in the same fashion as you did with the lower sash.
  • Position the lower sash underneath the upper sash in order to give it support as you are cleaning.

Steps to Clean Double Hung Windows

Before cleaning your windows you’ll want to make sure to remove all interior grilles if they are a feature on your double hung windows. In order to do this, you will need to lift the interior grilles without removing the grille clips, and make sure to move them to a space that isn’t near the glass at the frame’s edge. Once your double hung windows are open and you have removed the interior grilles, you will be able to clean them. Follow these easy steps, and get your windows clean in no time:

1. Use your cleanser to first work on the upper sash area. Use your squeegee to help give you easier access to the top of your window.

2. Clear away debris with your dry cloth.

3. Apply a mixture of water and mild cleanser to the glass, and get rid of residue from cooking, dust, and dirt particles with your soft cloth.

4. You can use the soap water now, making sure to wipe it on the glass in a circular fashion.

5. Use your lint-free rag or your squeegee to clear the glass of the cleanser.

6. Use your light oil or your silicone spray to add moisture to the moving parts of your window. Be sure not to sure harsh cleansers or lubricants, as these can cause damage.

Tip: Avoid cleaning your windows while they are in direct sunlight.

After Your Windows Are Clean

Once your windows are clean, you’ll need to return your lower and upper sashes back into their proper position. To do this you must:

  • Move the upper sash back into its vertical position.
  • Move upper sash about an inch downward before you slide it to the top of its frame.
  • Take the lower sash, and move it until it snaps into its proper place at a vertical angle. Afterward, guide the sash back until it reaches its former position.

After you have returned the lower and upper sashes into the proper position you’ll want to replace your interior grillesTo replace them, put the grille flush with the glass and guide it back into the grille clips for the entire length of the grills, making sure that it doesn’t have a loose fit.

Advanced Windows in Utah Can Provide You With Double Hung Windows

Contact Advanced Window Products today to learn more about double hung windows. You can save money heating your home when you use energy-efficient double hung windows, and you can even be eligible for a tax credit. At Advanced Windows, we have financing options that can help make double hung windows a reality for you, and do not hesitate to ask us about the various coupons or discounts we may be running. Contact Advanced Window Products online, or give us a call at (801) 505-9622 today!

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