What does our being the #1 best window company in Utah do for you? It gets you a better window for a great price. We manufacture the highest quality vinyl windows on the market that are custom built specifically for your home in our factory located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We have 4 window lines to choose from, and No Payment & No Interest for 12 months, OAC! We have our Patriot Windows that offer you simple sliding and hanging features, and our Patriot Premier Windows that give you the highest functionality, including swinging, tilting and easy removal for cleaning!

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Casement Windows

Casement Windows - Best Home Replacement Windows in UtahCasement windows are a great addition to any home. Opened and closed by a hand crank, they can increase the ventilation of your home with ease in an area that might otherwise be difficult to access. Our custom-built vinyl casement helps regulate the temperature of your home, even when the window isn't in use.

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Single Slider Windows

Single Slider Window - Replacement Slider Windows in UtahOne of the more traditional options, single slider windows offer a sleek and efficient design. Replacement slider windows overall footprint doesn't change whether they're open or closed, and their ease of use is unmatched.

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Double Slider Windows

Double Slider Windows - The Best Replacement Windows in Salt Lake CityJust like single sliders, but with double the options! Either side can be opened to allow air to flow through, and when they need to be cleaned, they can be taken out just as easily. No more ladders; clean both sides of your replacement slider windows from the comfort of inside your home.
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Single-Hung Windows

Single Hung Windows - Energy Efficient Replacement WindowsFor a more traditional look, single-hung windows have become an industry standard. With the ability to slide the bottom panel upward, you can increase the ventilation of your home with ease. And the experts at Advanced Window Products can custom-build them to fit any style, any room, any way.
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Double-Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows - Replacement Slider Windows in UtahThe easy access design of double hung windows makes them an ideal option for screens and air conditioning units. Since both the top and bottom sashes can be opened, you can easily control exactly how much ventilation you want, and their classic design looks great in any room.
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Bay Windows and Bow Windows

Bay and Bow Windows - Energy Efficient Replacement WindowsWhen it comes to larger windows, the two most popular options are Bay and Bow Windows. Their similar design in terms of extending outward give the illusion of extending a room beyond the walls. Bay Windows have a more angular design, while Bow Windows are more arched, but both allow for an unmatched amount of natural light to enter your home.
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Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn Window on Display - Energy Efficient Replacement Windows UtahWith their unique ability to open like a door, Tilt & Turn Windows provide a level of versatility you can't get from other window designs. Cleaning is also a breeze when it comes to this style, so this fully-customized design is the perfect fit for whatever your window needs may be.
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Custom-Shaped Windows

Custom Shaped Windows  - Get the Best Replacement Windows in UtahFor a unique and original look, consider a custom-shaped window. As a non-opening window, these design styles aren't subject to the same wear and tear as traditional windows, and they can be designed to compliment the existing or other replacement windows in your home.
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Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl Replacement Windows - Best Home Replacement Windows in UtahOur Patriot line gives you the benefit of value pricing, with all the perks of unmatched quality. We utilize high performance glass and our sturdy, multi-chambered vinyl frame. The Patriot vinyl window gives you one of the two sashes that either slides open from side to side, or up and down.
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Patriot Windows

Patriot Windows - Energy Efficient Replacement WindowsIt provides the highest value, with most functions in its class. Because these patented windows can swing, slide, pivot, and tilt, you can easily clean windows from inside your home.  They resists noise, water, moisture, dust, pests and drafts. You can choose from a double slide feature, with glass that slides from side to side, or a double hung feature, that moves up and down. We provide top of the window replacement glass Utah.
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Why Choose Patriot Windows

Patriot Windows  - Best Home Replacement Windows in UtahIt offers an elegant, high-style look, with improved durability, along with a lifetime limited warranty. This window comes in either a single sliding window, or a single hung window, and is a visual and functional upgrade.
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Windows for Mobile Homes in Utah

Mobile Home Windows - Best Replacement Windows in Utah
Those looking for new or replacement window installation for mobile homes in Utah should look no further than Advanced Window Products.


At Advanced Window Products, we can custom build your mobile home windows and install them. Furthermore, for those who don’t have a lot of space to work with, we can install double slider windows. These are often more functional for mobile home owners.

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Privacy Glass Home Windows in Utah

Privacy Glass Windows in Utah

Privacy or obscure glass is a perfect solution for homeowners who need to add an artistic edge while achieving privacy and better light control.

Our patterned glass allows maximum light to get into your home while maintaining your preferred level of privacy. Patterned glass also acts as a form of decoration.

At Advanced Window Products, we make it easy for you to upgrade to privacy glass windows by offering the option for No Payment & No Interest for 12 months!.

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Call today for a free quote (801) 505-9622 on factory-direct vinyl windows. Take advantage of No Payment & No Interest for 12 months AND $2000 Off on Orders of 10 or More Windows!

Insulated Windows Improve Energy Efficiency

Using thermal imaging, we can see how our vinyl windows are able to dramatically reduce the amount of energy loss of the home. It is estimated that 90% of energy loss occurs through drafty doors and windows.

Color & Design Options for Windows

Window Frame Color Options

Homeowners’ tastes in home upgrades vary widely, but there are some especially popular window design choices that have the broadest appeal due to their high durability and low maintenance. The most in-demand of all is vinyl window framing, accounting for over 70 percent of all windows sold in the United States. This framing type is rated the highest for energy efficiency and it comes in a variety of textures, including classic wood looks.

All Advanced windows, in every framing type, come in a great variety of colors. In addition to the most popular frame colors, such as white, black, and tan, we offer a wide array of options from the most subtle to the most vibrant finishes, to meet your aesthetic preferences for your home.

Call Advanced for more details on window frame color selections.

Window Frame Color Options

Window Design Options

Window Grilles

Accenting your new windows with stunning grid (grille) patterns add a timeless style feature to many window types. Any home can be upgraded with a more polished appearance by installing the right decorative grids to enhance its character. Ask about the many beautiful grid styles we provide at Advanced Window Products.

You can even mix some grid styles to compose an entirely unique presentation for the fullest extension of your personal style on the interior and exterior of your home. For any home, we have window grilles that can complement it beautifully with a fine-finished look.

Window Grill Design Options

Etched or Frosted Glass

Few conventional window treatments provide the elegant upgrade that custom glass etching or frosting options provide. These are perfect solutions for areas that you want to expose to filtered natural light while preserving privacy. Explore the many stunning selections we offer to create the ambiance you want in living spaces with these special glass treatments.

Contact us anytime for more information on glass etching or grill selections.

Window Installation Process

Our expert window designers, engineers, manufacturing experts, and window installation specialists make ordering and installation of your beautiful new windows easy. In just a few easy steps, you’ll be relaxing and enjoying your gorgeous new energy-efficient windows.

Advanced Window Products Window Installation Process:


1 Design & Consultation     Free in-home window-needs analysis and design consultation.
2 Manufacture Build custom replacement windows
3 Installation Prepare raw window openings, install new windows, and cleanup
4 Support We provide lifetime customer service support

Maintenance & Cleaning Instructions for Vinyl Windows

To care for the interior and exterior windows looking and working their best, follow these tips.

  • Demonstrate to the whole family how to use windows.
  • On a regular basis, clean the inside vinyl frame.
  • On rare occasions, clean the vinyl frame on the outside.
  • Keep the tracks clean.
  • Clean the vinyl window screens.


Maintenance & Cleaning Instructions for Windows

Below are the general window cleaning and maintenance guidelines for state-of-the-art energy-efficient Advanced Window Products. Of course, the requirements for care of your particular windows may vary depending upon the indoor and outdoor environment and use factors in and around your home. 

To clean and maintain the exterior and interior of your new windows looking and working their best, follow these guidelines:

Call us for more information about cleaning and maintaining your beautiful new windows.

Double Lifetime Warranty

Our outstanding products, pricing, installation quality, and customer service have kept our company growing over the years. We have built our brand on our performance in these areas and on our industry-leading customer protection program.

Today, our reputation has made Advanced Window Products Utah’s top window replacement company manufacturing energy-efficient windows. We proudly prioritize protecting our customers from any losses due to potential issues with our products or installation workmanship.

Advanced customer protection starts with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and continues with our Double Lifetime Warranty coverage on all our products.

Contact Advanced Window Products anytime for more details on our industry-leading warrant

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Replacement Windows

A replacement window is a window built to fit in an existing wall opening without making any construction modifications to the interior or exterior of the building around the window opening. Replacement windows offer excellent energy efficiency because they’re made to fit the opening ideally. Stock windows may be cheaper to purchase, but added costs such as labor and prolonged disruption of a family’s daily life can outweigh the upfront savings.

The main benefits are that modern vinyl windows are much more energy efficient and do a better job of insulating your home from outside noise. Also, if your existing vinyl window will not lock, or your vinyl window will not close all the way, or if your vinyl window will not open easily, it’s a good sign that they’ve become warped and need replacement.

Replacement windows can be installed any time throughout the year in any season, even in the coldest or hottest temperatures (although caulk sets better in temperatures above freezing). Depending on which window installation company you work with, the average replacement window installation project only takes about a day to complete, so it’s often worth it for homeowners to replace worn-out windows in winter to start saving on heating costs right away. Energy-efficient windows from the best window replacement company can help you start saving a substantial amount of utility costs any time of the year.

Modern, well-constructed and high-quality vinyl windows have an average service life that is twice that of other types of windows. According to the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, the predicted life expectancy of vinyl windows can be up to 40 years or more.


You may decide to set a budget for your window replacement project and then determine what you need and want in these three areas of window selection that fit your budget:

  1. Windows type: The most popular window type is double-hung. Sliding windows are also a very frequent choice, and casement windows are also widely used for a vast variety of spaces and they’re a highly energy-efficient alternative.
  2. Window framing: Wood, vinyl, and aluminum are the most popular window frame materials. Around 75% of all residential windows sold these days are vinyl windows because it’s the most energy-efficient and durable option.
  3. Glass type: Double- or triple-paned glass with low emissivity (Low-E) coating and filled with argon or krypton gas between the panes is today’s most recommended glass option. These features together provide maximum energy efficiency and heating and cooling cost savings.

No, we don't sell individual window parts. However, if you have purchased windows from us in the past, and there is a defect or other issue covered under the warranty, parts may be supplied for repair or replacement.


The primary rule in measuring for a window replacement is that the window will be 1/4 inch less than the inside of the rough wall opening. For installing replacement windows, the existing wall frame usually stays in place. So, measure the shortest points of the height of the existing rough frame and the narrowest points of the width. Then, subtract 1/4” from each of those two measurements to figure out the height and width of windows to order.


Insulated glass is actually two separate pieces of glass sealed to a spacer. This creates an insulating air space between the glass panes, providing better thermal performance. Insulated glass also reduces condensation buildup while keeping the cold out and the heat inside during the winter.


LoE² (low emissivity) glass provides you with year-round energy savings and comfort. Two thin and virtually transparent metallic coatings applied to the glass selectively filter out solar radiation. In the summer, LoE² reduces heat gain, and during the winter reflects heat back into your home to keep you warmer.


Yes, you can get a vinyl window with grids. We have a variety of popular grid patterns for you to choose from.


Not all manufacturer’s windows meet the government efficiency standards required for the tax credit, but ours do. The federal energy tax credit applies to energy-efficient windows with a U-factor of <0.30 and a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of <0.30. All of our windows meet or exceed these standards.


Yes, we will do a full cleanup, including taking away the old windows and all debris.


Can you paint vinyl window sills and frames? Yes, but it's not a good idea. Paint won’t adhere properly to a smooth vinyl surface, so it usually starts to peel and flake off fairly quickly after application with exposure to atmospheric conditions. We offer our windows in several attractive colors that will endure the elements without fading or cracking, so there’s no reason you should ever have to paint them. https://advancedwindowsusa.com/vinyl-window-frame-colors

If you have condensation on the inside of the window or find the window sill damp, or even find mold around the windows, there is cause for concern. Double-pane windows are bonded with seals that can lose their elasticity over time. Expanding and contracting with the changes in seasonal temperatures causes the seal to deteriorate. The seals can become brittle and cause tiny breaches in the containment or even visible cracks in the seals. This leads to moisture between the windows and failure of the windows to provide sufficient energy efficiency.

If your goal for window replacements is to have energy-efficient windows for your whole home or upgrade the curb appeal, budget permitting, it makes sense to do the replacements all at once. Depending on the window replacement company you choose, you may get a better price by replacing more windows at one time. Additionally, these days (2022) COVID is still causing supply chain issues, which mean delays that can be costly in terms of trying to organize your work time around the project and the prolonged disruption to your family’s normal daily routine.


Yes, all of our windows come complete with high-quality screens.


It all depends on how many windows you want to replace, what style of windows that you prefer, and what type and quality of windows will meet your specific needs. We make our new windows as affordable as possible by offering No Payment & No Interest for 12 months and $1,200 off the total cost when you buy 10 or more windows. Plus, you can take advantage of generous tax rebates that are available until 2021. Just contact us with the number of windows you'd like to replace, their approximate size, and the operating style you'd like, and one of our friendly people will provide you a written estimate. We'll complete the final measurements before we begin installation.

Why Choose Advanced Window Products Utah?

Our vast selection of top-quality, aluminum windows, wood windows, picture windows and vinyl windows range in styles from traditional to ultra-modern — all manufactured with the latest technologies. We are the best window company and window installation company in the western United States. We manufacture energy-efficient insulated windows and doors for the western U.S. climate zones.

Windows for Sale in Salt Lake City, Utah

With factory-direct windows, you eliminate the wholesale and retail markup you pay at a retail home improvement supply store. Plus, all installation costs are included in our window pricing.

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Additional benefits our customers receive include:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our products
  • Industry-leading lifetime warranty
  • Factory-trained, industry certifications, and Energy Star® certified
  • Lead-safe installation systems
  • Substantial IRS tax credit for energy-efficient windows
  • $2,000 Off with purchase of 10 windows or more