In April of 2010 the Federal Government passed a law that any home built in 1977 or prior has to have lead safety practices used during the installation of their windows UNLESS they opt out. Opt out is not an option for homes with;
  • Pregnant women
  • Children ages 6 or younger
  • Rental properties
  • Schools, churches, daycares, and businesses

Lead Safe Window Replacement

At Advanced Windows all of our installers, sales reps, and staff are lead safe certified. We are also certified with both UTDAQ and the EPA. We take seriously the role we have in protecting homeowners in terms of physical and financial mishaps. Working with Advanced Windows, your home will be tested the right way and when you have your new windows installed, that your home will be safe for all the most important people in your life. awp-ead-safe-window-replacement Because we are meticulous with this extensive process, we avoid the $32,000 daily fine that comes to many window replacement companies as a result of mistakes in lead testing and removal.