Composite wood siding is a very popular option when it comes to both remodeling projects and the construction of new homes in Utah. Composite wood siding helps to preserve and enhance house aesthetics. We install composite wood siding for residential, commercial and multi-family dwellings (like HOA’s or apartments. If you're thinking about using composite wood siding as material for a new home or a remodeling project, here are a few basic facts you should know about composite wood siding.

Choose From 21 Colors & 4 Textures With Our Exterior Composite Wood Siding Types

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Our Utah Composite Wood Siding Offers the Real Look of Wood without the Maintenance

Our Utah Composite wood siding does not need to be constantly maintained like real wood, and it is resistant to rotting, cracking and termites. Composite wood siding is rather inexpensive to both make and buy. The process involves the compression of wax, resin, saw dust or wood chips into boards or planks, which can be easily used for building. Waste is used to fuel the process that leads to the creation of composite wood siding, thus creating an environmentally friendly process. The composite wood siding planks and shingles can actually be painted just about any color. Composite Wood Siding is an eco-friendly alternative to wood that does not sacrifice looks for affordability

Benefits of Utah Composite Wood Siding Clapboard

Utah Composite wood siding is so popular among residents of Utah due to the many advantages the wooden material offers in terms of remodeling projects and the construction of new homes and buildings. Here are some of the many advantages of composite wood siding.
  • Durability: A major advantage of composite wood siding is durability. In laboratory tests, composite wood siding products tend to prove more durable than wood in general. In fact, composite wood siding products are more resistant to cracking, impact damage, and even rot.
  • Reliability: Due to the testing our Utah composite wood siding undergoes, you can be sure that the composite wood siding will endure intense heat and cold which is important to those in Utah because we get lots of snow during the winter and are in the triple digits in the summer months. Engineered wood siding is strong enough to endure a hailstorm and other weather damage, while keeping the outside of your home beautiful for years to come.
  • Variety: When it comes to composite wood siding, there is plenty of variety. We offer composite wood siding in 4 different textures and 21 different colors.
  • Efficiency: The installation of composite wood siding is quick and efficient, due to the use of our self-aligning system. Unlike when it comes to other materials, you will not need to use any special tools for installation, which reduces labor time and saves you money. Our composite wood siding is created in a way to reduce install defects, endure the weather and insects, and be cost effective.

Composite Wood Siding Cost

Composite wood siding is an affordable option for homeowners in Utah. Composite wood siding comes pre-primed, ready to paint, or pre-finished in any number of finish options, thereby reducing the labor time once installed. Because of the careful engineering process, the siding pieces are uniform and consistent in appearance, so there is less material waste during installation
Due to how relatively new composite wood siding is, many homeowners are unaware of its many advantages as a building material. Ensure that you consider the many advantages of composite wood siding discussed above while selecting materials for your remodeling project or home construction project. We're a trusted wood siding Utah contractor that will provide the best materials and services for your home.

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