Advanced Window Products is now part of the Earthwise Group, a national network of 16 locally owned, independent manufacturers across the United States who design and build high‐quality windows and doors. The combined efforts of the Earthwise community includes a common passion for innovative engineering, energy-efficient solutions, and unmatched quality in the window and door industry.
Our society’s growing population and energy consumption demands a new approach to sustainable development. All of our windows meet or exceed the highest energy standards in the Energy Star program, set by the U.S. Government, the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), and The American Architectural Manufacturing Association (AAMA).
We are the original, and only window product to be “Made in USA” Certified, which means from materials, to manufacturing, from delivery, to install, we are 100% Made in America. We are proud to keep jobs and dollars here in America, and in our local community.

While Earthwise windows by Advanced Window Products keep the cool inside your house, we are all about radiating the benefits of these state of the art windows.

  • Decrease your negative impact on the environment. Did you know up to 25% of your carbon footprint is a result of your energy consumption in your home? Create energy efficiency and decrease emissions.
  • Decrease your window maintenance. These windows are built to last. You don’t need to paint, you don’t need to climb ladders to clean, you just need to order and enjoy.
  • Decrease your energy costs. Most customers report spending only 3/4 of what they did before their window replacement on their energy bill. That’s a lifetime savings that is easy to live with.
  • Increase your home maintenance longevity. If it breaks, we fix it. If it squeaks, we squelch it. We offer a 100% lifetime warranty!
  • Increase your quiet. The double paned glass naturally decreases’ sound waves from unwittingly entering your home.

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