Privacy Glass Windows Utah

A steamy bathroom, an awkwardly placed bathroom window, or a lack of privacy can force you to look for an alternative to bathroom blinds. Switching to obscured glass offers a practical solution. At Advanced Window Products, we make it easy for you to upgrade to privacy glass windows by offering the option for No Payment & No Interest for 12 months!. Visit our showroom located in downtown Salt Lake City or get in touch with us at 801-505-9622 for a free estimate.

Privacy glass patterns

Our patterned glass allows maximum light to get into your home while maintaining your preferred level of privacy. Patterned glass also acts as a form of decoration. Some of the patterns you will find at our store include:

Narrow reed glass

This is a semi-transparent glass that’s slightly textured. It is best suited for areas that require maximum lighting, but where you do not require full visibility. Narrow reed glass is ideal for such places as the office, boardrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and pantries.

Glue chip glass

Our glue chip glass features a frosted glass or fern-like pattern. This look is created by spreading hot glue to clear float glass that is sandblasted. As the glue dries up, it shrinks and randomly pulls off glass flakes from the surface. This technique allows each pattern to be different thus, each piece is unique. The glue chip technique is normally used on mirrors, tinted, clear, and tempered glass. Glue chip glass is common in cabinets and windows. It is particularly stunning when it is combined with bevel or bevel clusters.

Rain glass

As the name suggests, this type of glass looks as if streaks of rain are pouring down on it, creating a dreamy look. Rain glass is commonly used to make shower enclosures. The nature-inspired patterns give the bathroom a relaxing ambiance.

Residential uses of privacy glass

Privacy or obscure glass is a perfect solution for homeowners who need to add an artistic edge while achieving privacy and better light control. Some of the spaces where you can install privacy glass windows include:

  • The bathroom – privacy glass is mostly used in bathroom spaces to enhance privacy. You can use privacy glass on the door, windows, or even as decorative glass to the home’s exterior.
  • Decks, patios, outdoor kitchens, and decks – installing etched or patterned glass helps you achieve seclusion and privacy while also enjoying a lighted, airy space. You can also use privacy glass as a sliding door to such spaces.
  • Room dividers – privacy glass is ideal for dividing spaces such as living rooms and dining rooms. They create a perfect medium between an enclosed space and an open-concept.
  • Attics – high privacy window glass windows in the attic invite maximum natural light compared to regular windows. Using such also makes it not necessary to put up blinds or curtains.
  • Home libraries or workspace – privacy glass is perfect for a home library or home office as it casts a soft light as well as maintains the room’s privacy.

Are you considering a home remodel? Contact Advanced Window Products for the best deals on privacy glass for homes. We have a variety of obscure glass types that are sure to match your home’s architectural design.

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