Buying new windows for your home is an exciting event. Of course, like all exciting events, it can be easy to get caught up in the experience of window shopping and overlook some important details that don’t pertain directly to the fun parts. So, just take a look at these five points about things to look for when you are shopping for new vinyl replacement windows.

5 Things To Know About Vinyl Replacement Windows

It’s true, these 5 important little tips are not about the glamorous topics in window buying. They’re not about custom window styling, decorative glass, frame color, etc. But, to get the best value for your investment in new replacement windows, these are things you’ll need to keep in mind while shopping for new windows.

  1. Be clear about the level of energy efficiency. About 25 to 30 percent of energy loss in homes escapes through the windows. High-quality energy-efficient windows are the solution to reducing heating and cooling waste and sky-high electricity bills. So, ask for the energy efficiency ratings for the new windows you’re considering.
  2. Know the types and quality of materials used. The windows you like best may look beautiful but poorly built. Choose vinyl windows manufactured with high-quality wood or aluminum support materials and high-grade vinyl cladding for maximum energy efficiency, strength, and long-term durability. Also, examine the manufacturing details for quality construction. Further, ensure that each window bears the EnergyStar® label. That’s the formula for superior performance and lasting satisfaction with your new windows.
  3. Know what to expect with window installation. Even the world's highest-quality windows will not function or seal properly to deliver optimum energy efficiency unless they’re installed correctly. Ask who will install your windows, which industry certifications they have, how long they’ve been working with the manufacturer, and how many installs they’ve done. Also ask about their process for installing vinyl replacement windows.
  4. Does the price quoted include everything? Beware of cheap ads offering unusually low prices for windows. You know the cliché, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Typically, when you see unrealistically low pricing in such ads, you can expect to see a final price quote that is much higher than advertised, with a bundle of hidden costs, for example, for installation. Make sure the price includes all the costs for the complete window purchase and installation project for windows of the sizes and other specifications you’re ordering.
  5. Understand the warranty protection. Before you select a window company, be sure to look at their warranties. They should provide a product warranty and a window installation workmanship warranty. If the company does not offer customers a satisfactory warranty that includes both types of coverage, you should consider other vinyl window manufacturers and installers.

Choose Only High-Quality Windows and Installation!

Some vinyl windows are structurally poor and cannot be expected to last very long under the western U.S. climate conditions. Choose reinforced precision windows built with high-grade materials that will perform beautifully for you over the decades to come. That means you should prioritize quality, not just choose the cheapest option if you want excellent long-term performance from your new windows. Quality vinyl replacement windows will save you a lot of money and inconvenience over the years on maintenance, repairs, and premature replacements.

Best Vinyl Replacement Windows

Advanced Window Products manufactures top-quality vinyl replacement windows for maximum energy efficiency, beauty, strength, and long-term durability. Advanced custom window design options offer all the unique custom styling features you can imagine for your home. See many samples of our wide selection of beautiful energy-efficient best vinyl replacement windows online!

Our factory-trained installers are among the best in the business, and the Advanced Double Lifetime Warranty is one of the best in our industry. You can also be sure you will receive a quote that includes the complete cost of your new windows and installation.

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