A beautiful selection of some of the world’s best replacement windows is available in the Advanced Window Products online window gallery. We further feature a dazzling array of styles, materials, and accessories to consider in our window styles pages. There’s a lot to take in. So, whether you’re just replacing a window or doing a complete remodel, use those resources to get a general idea of what may work best for your needs. Here’s some basic guidance on what to consider when replacing windows in each room of your home.

Living Room Replacement Windows

Installing new living room windows can be a transformative change. It can increase the amount of light in your living space and give your space an entirely different aesthetic quality. Upgraded windows can also improve security for your family. For optimum functionality and aesthetically satisfying windows in your main living space, think about these points:

  • Where will your furniture, entertainment electronics, wall accessories, etc., be placed?
  • Increase comfort and reduce electricity costs by choosing more energy-efficient options.
  • Do you want to feature a spectacular view as a focal point of the room, or are you just updating the living space?
  • Think about whether you want to add color or change the existing theme tones.
  • Where does the sun rise and set across your house? Think about how to use your window choices to help prevent heat from building up in the room or direct sunlight from damaging flooring, furniture, artwork, and other belongings.

The most popular approach is mixing window types and sizes in great rooms and other large common living spaces, like traditional living rooms, open-concept living/kitchen spaces, dens, game rooms, mancaves, etc. For example, combining a large custom picture window with various types of ventilating windows along the sides, bottom, or elsewhere nearby provides maximum function and visual interest.

Advanced Window Products offers a wide range of window styles, framing options, colors, and accessories to help you realize your vision for your living space.

Kitchen Replacement Windows

Many people spend a lot of time in their kitchens, so it’s essential to choose windows that make sense of the functionality people need in this space and to create a pleasing aesthetic here:

  • The hub of activity in the kitchen is typically the sink and its adjacent work counter spaces. So, feature this area and provide abundant natural light by framing it above with a large window or a combination of multiple smaller ones. Consider having at least some window ventilation in this workspace.
  • Sliding windows are popular over kitchen sinks and counters because they provide a lot of light and good ventilation, and they’re very easy to slide open.
  • If you do a lot of cooking, have at least one window that opens on each side of the kitchen, if possible, to create cross-ventilation.

Bedroom Replacement Windows

Whether you need master bedroom windows for a remodeling project or just replace a few small windows, you can order custom windows to match or complement your furniture, carpet, bedding, wallpaper, or other decors. Use your new replacement windows for natural light and to create the ideal ambiance for a soothing, comfortable space.

  • Energy efficient windows combine beauty and style with comfort, sound insulation, and dust control to help you create the bedroom of your dreams.
  • Many states, counties, and municipalities have building codes requiring egress from bedrooms in case of fire or another emergency. Your local inspector might approve any window type that has a large enough opening and is easy to open and close for this critical purpose. Sliding windows are popular for this use.

Whichever window style you need and want for your bedroom, the window design experts at Advanced can provide you with an abundant selection of inspiring designs exclusive among the world’s best windows for bedrooms.

Bathroom Windows

Because bathroom windows tend to cover a greater percentage of the total square area of walls in a relatively small space, they set the tone for the room. Currently, bathroom windows with a lot of glass area are popular for creating a light, airy, pristine aesthetic quality. For your new replacement bathroom windows, consider these factors:

  • Advanced offers a beautiful selection of privacy windows that do not need window coverings that block too much of the natural light you want in the room?
  • You should have a minimum of one ventilating window in each bathroom, if possible, to reduce the risk of mold developing due to the damp environment.
  • A popular choice for bathrooms is awning windows, because they open outward and upward. That creates a little awning that automatically preserves privacy as well and provides rain protection while the window is open.
  • Vinyl replacement windows work very well for bathroom windows because of their durability in withstanding a high-moisture environment.

Advanced Window Products home window experts are here to help you find the right window type and aesthetic look to fit your tastes and lifestyle.

Best Windows for Homes, Salt Lake City Utah

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