Replacing windows is a fact of life for homeowners. Sometimes the signs that it is time for replacing windows are obvious. A window sash may have rotted, or a windowpane may be broken. But sometimes the signals that replacing windows is overdue are more subtle. Maybe moisture has begun to accumulate at the corners of a windowpane. Maybe you have started to feel drafts. Cracked or warped windows can admit a steady stream of insects. And sometimes the best indication that it is time to get new windows is a utility bill that keeps going up despite your best efforts to be thrifty.

Once you know it is time to replace windows, a little homework is essential. At Advanced Window Products we know the special needs of Utah homeowners.

We urge all Utah homeowners to avoid these seven awful window replacement mistakes.

Replacing Windows with the Same Type

Even if you were happy with the brand and style of your old windows, vinyl replacement windows offer distinct advantages: easy installation, lower energy bills, and no need for painting or scraping as they age.

Ignoring Special Upkeep Requirements

Utah weather forces homeowners to scrape and paint wood or steel windows about every five years. Vinyl replacement window eliminates the need for painting.

Failing to Consider Glazing Options

Windows do not have to be made of clear glass. Modern windows can be tinted, textured, reflective, heat-absorbing, decorative, or low-emissivity, blocking both ultraviolet and infrared light.

Not Consider Security Options

Windows are an obvious entryway for break-ins. Considering security is essential when replacing windows. Your Utah window replacement company in Utah is familiar with local security needs and can offer you added security features such as:

  • Glazing to make it harder for burglars to see in and to make the window shatter-resistant.,
  • Fixed versus operable sashes. Fixed sashes provide security and natural light without giving unwanted guests a way inside your home.
  • Security locks and handles protect windows with a reinforced locking mechanism that is almost impossible to operate from outside.
  • Security sound performance, also known as laminated glass, is more break-resistant than other types of glass. Even if one layer of the window glass is broken, other layers will keep the protective covering intact until the window can be replaced.

Purchasing Windows Not Manufactured for Your Location

This is another important reason to use a Utah window replacement company in Utah for replacing windows in your Utah home. Bright Utah sun and cold Utah winters make insulated glass an attractive option. Vinyl replacement windows are especially attractive in parts of Utah that get heavy winter snows.

Overlooking Your Family's Comfort

Most homeowners never consider the effect windows have on their family's comfort, but they should. Before replacing windows, it is important to consider what your family does in each room and to make replacement window selections accordingly. The wrong windows can cause drafts, hot spots, glare, and poor visibility. Just a little extra time in choosing replacement windows can make a huge difference in your family's enjoyment of your house.

Not Letting Professionals Replace Your Windows

It can be tempting to try to save a few dollars by replacing your windows yourself, but if you aren't a window replacement expert, it is best to let pros do the job. Frames can be damaged if sizes do not exactly match. Sealed window units usually have a warranty of just one year. And letting professionals do window installation can improve energy efficiency, increase the lifespan of the windows, and enhance curb appeal.

Planning to Replace Windows in Utah? Call Advanced Window Products

Advanced Window Products has the expertise you need to get the best fit at the best price. We make our windows in Utah, and we install windows all over Utah. We make it easy for you to update your home with $0 down, 0 interest, 60-month financing based on your credit. All of our windows come with a double lifetime warranty, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Call us for no-obligation information about new vinyl replacement windows for your Utah home.

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