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Advanced Windows Products have the best quality, most affordable, and energy-saving vinyl windows on the market. Whether you are building from the ground or renovating your house, vinyl is a window material with many advantages over others. It is durable and can go long without painting or staining.

Benefits of Installing Vinyl Windows in Utah

At Advanced Windows Products, We believe in offering you the best value on your new replacement windows. Enjoy the benefits of high-performance glass that keeps your home warm in the winter and cold in summer. Multi-chambered vinyl frames give strength and durability. The design allows you to remove the windowpane for easy cleaning. You can trust Advanced Window Products because we handle every step of the window process. Right from manufacturing to installation, we do it all. As vinyl replacement window manufacturers, we ensure that our windows are built to the highest quality so they will last a lifetime and give you one less household worry. Advanced Windows Products offer different designs of vinyl windows to allow you to match the style of your home and add value to it.

Vinyl vs. Aluminum

Vinyl ensures better energy efficiency, reduced noise interference, and less condensation. Vinyl windows cannot be painted like aluminum. They are made up of durable material that lasts decades. These windows can be cleaned by quickly wiping, and they will look like a brand new windows.

Vinyl vs. Wood

Purchasing and installing vinyl windows is cheaper as compared to wooden window frames. Unlike wood, which is affected by adverse weather conditions creating air leakage, vinyl windows provide an airtight seal, enhancing energy efficiency. One of the best features of vinyl windows is that they require almost no maintenance. Unlike wood, there is no chance of warping or pest infestation, such as carpenter ants or termites. Moreover, these windows never need to be painted. Vinyl window colors don't fade for the life of the window.

For Whom Is Vinyl Window Suitable?

  • For those working on a fairly tight budget, vinyl windows have the most value for your money. It enables you to save on vinyl replacement windows costs.
  • Do you want to utilize energy effectively? Vinyl is the best choice if you are looking into saving on energy costs.
  • If you are majorly concerned with the long-term durability of your windows for decades without vinyl window repair, vinyl is the best purchase option.

Styles of Vinyl Windows

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are easy to open and operate with minimal effort. The lower and upper belts can be moved up and down independently, making it easier to clean. The flexibility of these double-hung windows makes them functional, beautiful, and energy-saving.

Casement and Awning Windows

These models are custom-made to enable better circulation of air and clear views but less flexible. Casement and awning windows design function perfectly and enhance beauty and energy efficiency. The difference between the two is the position of the hinges. Awning windows have the hinge at the top while casements have their hinge on the left or right side.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are fancy window designs whose hinges slide horizontally rather than vertically as in a single or double-hung type. They come in different configurations that provide superior ventilation and durability.

Picture Windows

Picture windows provide plenty of light and unlimited view and most importantly, they improve the appearance of your home and help to save energy.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows create the illusion of a larger room and are great at creating room for extra storage space, sitting areas, or hidden compartments.

Garden Windows

Garden Windows are preferred for the display of horticultural know-how. They bring the outdoors in for more light and beauty.

Color & Design Options for Vinyl Windows

Color Options 

Vinyl windows are a popular choice for many homeowners because they are durable and low maintenance. One of the great things about vinyl windows is that they come in a wide range of colors. Whether you want your windows to blend in with your home's exterior or make a bold statement, you're sure to find a color that suits your needs. Some of the most popular vinyl window frame colors include white, tan, and black. However at Advanced Windows, we offer a wide array of vinyl frame colors to make your home aesthetically appealing.

Contact to Learn More About the Frame Colors We Provide

Grid Patterns

Window grilles are a wonderful way to add style to your home. No matter what your home’s style, there’s a window grille to accentuate it. Advanced Window Products offers many different styles of window grids. By mixing and matching different styles, you can create a unique look that expresses your personal taste. So whatever your home's style, we have a window grid to suit it.

Call for More Info on Grill Patterns

Vinyl Window Installation Process

For homeowners, installation and ordering of contemporary windows is a breeze. After only a few easy and stress-free steps, you can expect to be enjoying your brand-new windows.

Advanced Windows Consultation and Window Installation Process:


1 Design & Consultation     Free in-home window-needs analysis and design consultation.
2 Manufacture Build custom replacement windows
3 Installation Prepare raw window openings, install new windows, and cleanup
4 Support We provide lifetime customer service support

Maintenance & Cleaning Instructions for Vinyl Windows

To care for the interior and exterior windows looking and working their best, follow these tips.

  • Demonstrate to the whole family how to use windows.
  • On a regular basis, clean the inside vinyl frame.
  • On rare occasions, clean the vinyl frame on the outside.
  • Keep the tracks clean.
  • Clean the vinyl window screens.

Warranty on Vinyl Windows

Advanced Window Products is Utah's Number 1 window company. We are the most well-known company in the area for providing energy-efficient windows and doors as a result of our exceptional product quality and pricing.

From traditional window and door styles to the latest designs and updated technologies, we offer you the best energy-efficient home improvement products.

$2,000 OFF when you buy 10 windows or more!

Here are some more of the significant forms of savings on window replacement cost from using Advanced Window Products for home improvement:

  • Our customers buy our doors and windows factory-direct and save the retail markup!
  • Save a bundle with $0 down and 0% financing for 12 months (with qualified credit).
  • We offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products.
  • Advanced Window Products come with a double lifetime warranty.
  • Get a significant IRS investment tax credit for installing energy-efficient windows!

Our window installation specialists are all factory-trained, and AAMA, Lead-Safe, NFRC, and Energy Star® certified.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Windows

Of all today’s most popular window framing materials, vinyl frame windows cost the least. Installing vinyl replacement windows can cost only about half the price of the same style in wood frames. They’re also the best value in terms of the level of energy efficiency and durability they deliver for the price. Vinyl window frames are exceptionally energy-efficient, due to the unique engineering of the vinyl frame to maximize its insulative effectiveness. Additionally, vinyl windows offer the lowest maintenance cost, by far.

Installing vinyl windows has become one of the world’s most popular options for new construction and for energy-efficient replacement windows. One reason vinyl window frames have become so much in demand is that they are available in every imaginable style, size, and color. The array of vinyl window options depends on the manufacturer.

Some of the most popular vinyl window choices currently include casement windows, vertical sliding windows, horizontal sliding windows, and custom picture windows, among others.

Vinyl window frames are an exceptional thermal insulator. They’re the most resistant window frames to heat transfer of any on the market today. Unlike wood or narrow aluminum frames, vinyl frames feature interior construction that includes highly insulative foam fill and warm-edge spacers that separate glass panes and seal off the air space between them.

Today’s state-of-the-art energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows are designed and engineered to minimize light absorption and heat transfer. With Low-E glass and dual-glass panes filled with argon gas, vinyl windows offer the highest energy efficiency of any modern window option. Installing vinyl replacement windows properly ensures the maximum potential energy efficiency of windows in your home.

One of the great benefits of installing vinyl windows is that they last longer than wood or other framing materials. So, homeowners can enjoy a much more energy-efficient home for many more years into the future. Vinyl windows also require very little maintenance, unlike wood windows and other materials that need much more frequent and intensive maintenance.

You can simply clean the window once per year or seasonally to wipe away any dirt that settles on the glass or on the vinyl frame. Vinyl windows do not require the application of sealants and they do not need to be painted.

Vinyl windows come in a wide variety of beautiful, rich colors and textures. As the popularity of vinyl windows has grown so much over recent decades, the array of color and texture choices has grown too. Today, you can find vinyl windows in almost any color you can imagine. Color options depend on the manufacturer. (Note that darker framing colors absorb heat and can cause the paint on any type of window framing to fade over time.)

One more major advantage of vinyl windows is their affordable pricing, especially compared to other commonly used framing materials. For example, wood costs significantly more than vinyl. But, vinyl has much lower maintenance and still outperforms wood and other materials for energy efficiency. For another example, fiberglass and vinyl look similar and perform comparably, but fiberglass costs up to 30% more than vinyl! If you’re replacing multiple windows, vinyl is a much more cost-effective option.

Fiberglass and vinyl replacement windows perform comparably in load strength and long-term durability. Both are good choices. The biggest difference for people investing in windows is that vinyl costs much less than fiberglass — up to 30% less! It’s often much more practical to choose based on price since they’re so similar in appearance and performance. Fiberglass arguably may last a little longer, but in overall value, vinyl tends to make the most sense.

That’s why today the vast majority of residential windows (approximately 2/3 of all windows in the U.S.) are made of vinyl, not fiberglass. Vinyl windows have become famous for being strong and beautiful and holding their value over time.

Why Choose Advanced Window Products Utah?

  • Pay $0 Down, 0% for 12 Months with Approved Credit
  • Cut out middleman mark-up by buying factory direct
  • Energy-efficient windows and doors
  • Lead-safe installation practices
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Replacement window installation is included in our pricing

Replacement Vinyl Window Installation in Salt Lake City, Utah

The most appropriate type of vinyl windows for your home will depend on your specific needs. The best vinyl replacement windows on the market can have a huge impact on appearance and maintenance costs. We provide professional advice to our clients on the best type to purchase. On top of this, we offer non-interest in financing and double lifetime warranties. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed, with a friendly credit policy, high-grade products, and certified installation services.

Considering Installing Vinyl Windows Near Salt Lake City? Call Advanced Window Products for vinyl replacement windows in Utah.

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