Cardinal Glass Industries

Cardinal Glass Industries leads the glass production industry by maintaining the highest quality standards and through development of industry-leading processes that meet or exceed customers’ glass specifications. Advanced Window Products has chosen to use Cardinal Glass exclusively in all of their window products, thus providing our customers with the best glass available.

The LoE Difference!

There is an advanced technology being used to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, its silver!  The glass used in all our windows, the LoE-366 by Cardinal Glass has three coats of silver on the outside of the window, which insulates your home from the cold outdoor temperatures. In fact, to the touch, your windows can insulate up to 70 degrees of cold temperatures from the outside.

Introducing Cardinal's New LoE-i89, its the Silver Lining for Your Raining Day!

i89 GlassNow we have a new level of intrigue and performance when it comes to glass. It's the LoE-i89, which has the three coatings of silver on the outside of the glass which repels the cold or heat from outside, and an additional coating of silver on the inside of the glass which keeps your heat in or cool air in! That means temperature is being insulated from the inside and the outside. This glass is the perfect upgrade, especially if you live in a cold climate.

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The Lehr pyrometer system controls glass temperatures.

Available Glass Types

LoE – 366:

LoĒ³-366 sets the new standard with it’s unprecedented triple layer of silver.  It provides the lowest possible U-factor delivering comfort and energy savings during cold weather.

LoE – i89:

LoĒ-i89 is the latest product that offers a double paned window with a triple pane performance. The unique quadruple silver coating keeps cold and hot air out of your home. What is unique, is the three layers that repel temperatures from outside, and the single layer of silver lined on the interior, which offers insulation from both inside and outside your home to help regulate your home's temperature.
LoE – 270: LoĒ²-270 glass is the perfect glass for all season comfort.
Neat: Neat naturally clean glass harnesses the sun’s UV rays to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away.