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Did you know that your home can lose up to 30% of heating and cooling from leaks through windows and doors? Your outdated windows can be causing you to pay more on utilities every month. But when a typical window replacement project can cost a lot, what is a homeowner to do? Energy-efficient storm windows are an affordable addition that can make your home feel more comfortable. They limit the movement of air in and out of the home, protecting your existing windows from the outdoor elements.

If you need an affordable, effective, and attractive solution to chronic drafts and high energy bills, explore our Replacement Storm Windows at Advanced Window Products.

What Are Storm Windows?

Storm windows are panels designed to cover existing windows, to provide an additional layer of protection from wind and other weather elements. Storm windows can be designed either for installation outside or inside existing windows. Storm windows are manufactured from glass, hard plastic, or flexible sheets of plastic. Framing for storm windows is typically made from aluminum, wood, or vinyl, or wood covered in vinyl.

Why Buy Replacement Storm Windows?

Storm windows are a relatively inexpensive alternative to replacing old windows with optimally energy-efficient new models. Today, replacing just one wood window can cost as much as $1,000 per window, and a high-quality vinyl replacement window can cost up to $800. Multiplied by the number of windows in the average home, which is over 20 windows, replacing all windows in a home can be cost prohibitive. By comparison, storm windows normally cost about $80 at the lower end, to around $120 at the high end. That can mean thousands of dollars in cost savings.

Storm windows are also comparatively convenient to install as a DIY task. That can save thousands of dollars, instead of hiring a contractor to install regular replacement windows throughout a home. For older homes with single-pane windows, adding storm windows to the side of the home that is exposed to the usual wind direction or where drafts are a problem can significantly increase energy efficiency.

Functions of Storm Windows

Storm windows serve multiple functions, all of which together significantly increase the efficiency of your home’s existing windows:

  • Weather Protection: Storm windows add an extra layer of protection to the vulnerable glass of your actual main window. This can prevent costly repairs from having to be accomplished and give you further peace of mind.
  • Extra Insulation: Adding a storm window creates insulative dead air space between the existing window glass and the storm window glass. For homes with older single-pane windows, using storm windows can increase comfort and reduce energy costs.
  • Supplemental Security: Storm windows serve as an additional layer of defense against unwanted access. Having an extra layer of glass and additional mechanisms covering windows make entering through windows more challenging and more discouraging to attempt.
  • Supplemental Soundproofing: Sound vibrations must transfer through glass surfaces to enter or leave your home through windows. When the vibrations are met with an additional layer of solid surface at the storm window, it is more difficult for noise to come in or go out through windows.

Benefits of Replacement Storm Windows

There Is a Storm Window for Every Climate

Storm windows that come with a low emissivity (low-E) coating can save you money. These newer models of storm windows are highly energy-efficient compared to classic models. They come in different product types to serve different climates. Low-E solar insulating windows can direct sunlight inside while blocking cold air from entering your main windows. If you live in a hot climate, then low-E solar reflective storm panels can reflect up to 35% of the harsh sun rays so that much of the outside heat doesn't enter your house.

Storm Windows Stop Air Leakage

A storm window is an extra line of defense against air leakage. Even if you choose not to replace your main windows, a storm window can be an added buffer between your home and the weather outside. This reduces the drafts that come into your home and makes it a more comfortable place to be. By reducing drafts, your home is less humid in the summer and less dry in the winter. For this reason, storm windows are especially good for climates where extreme temperatures are common.

Storm Windows Cost Less Than Traditional Replacements

If you're on a budget but still want to stop those pesky drafts, Installing exterior storm windows is an affordable solution. Replacement Storm Windows cost about one-quarter of the price of a total window replacement, or around $40 per window. And the energy savings is almost equal to replacing entire windows!

Increase Your Curb Appeal With Custom Storm Windows

If your current window design is outdated, covering them with modern storm windows can make your home look better from the curb! There are many styles and sizes to select, so finding a type that fits over your existing windows shouldn't be hard at all. However, finding your favorite design can be quite a decision when you have many materials, colors, and patterns at your disposal.

Protect Your Home From Outdoor Elements

Storm windows don't just guard against drafts. They can also be an extra line of protection against outdoor noises, intruders, and extreme weather conditions.

Save Money With Storm Windows

On average, storm windows can reduce your energy usage between 25 to 50%. This will help your HVAC work less hard as well, so it can be less likely to break down prematurely from overwork. They also protect your original windows, which increases their lifespan so you don't have to spend money often replacing them.

Considerations When Buying Replacement Storm Windows


Work with an expert in replacement storm windows, to determine the appropriate replacement storm windows for your home. Whether your home has single-hung windows, double-hung, sliders, or other models, you will need to select only storm windows that are suitable for the specific operations of those window types.


Replacement storm windows must be built to withstand strong winds, driving rains, dust storms or other extreme elements that may batter your home' exterior. High-quality storm windows with corner joints that overlap are recommended in extreme climates.


High-quality replacement storm windows are more likely to feature inner tracks with adjustable stops to allow options for ideal ventilation. Other components of the storm windows may include removable screens and even removable glass, for convenient cleaning and maintenance.

UV Protection

Storm window glass featuring Low-E coating is designed to minimize the amounts of ultraviolet and infrared light passing through your windows, while not interfering with the amount of light entering. Low-E glass also increases your windows' energy efficiency, and especially important enhancement with single-pane storm windows.

Security Features

Whether you choose a standard design or custom storm windows, models with multi-point locks offer greater security benefits than replacement storm windows with single-point locks. Multi-point locks are more complex, with varied mechanisms for locking, which makes unwanted entry harder to accomplish.

Energy Efficiency

Storm windows can be unparalleled contributors to a home or commercial building's energy efficiency. Adding this layer of protection, along with ensuring that optimum weather-stripping is in place, is a highly effective approach to preventing wind and moisture penetration of windows. They also can help minimize dust and allergens. Double pane storm windows offer an even greater measure of protection.

Installation Ease

Make sure the models of replacement storm windows you select for the various window configurations throughout your home all have pre-drilled holes, if possible, for quicker and easier installation.

Replacement Storm Window Materials Options

Among the various options of replacement storm window options, one of the biggest differences is frame material. This construction component is a key factor in the windows durability and cost.

Vinyl Storm Window Frames

Vinyl storm windows are highly durable and lightweight. Today's vinyl replacement storm windows include stabilization properties that bolster the frame materials capacity for high heat resistance. Storm windows with Vinyl frames have a life span of about 20 years.

Aluminum Storm Window Frames

Like the vinyl options, replacement aluminum storm windows are also lightweight and durable. Also like vinyl windows, aluminum models require minimal maintenance, and they are highly rust-resistant. If managed appropriately, aluminum windows can be expected to last 20-35 years. One issue with aluminum windows is that they do retain heat.

Wood Storm Window Frames

Wood storm windows naturally expand and contract with changing temperatures. This contributes to the faster deterioration of wood frames, compared to vinyl or aluminum. However, wood replacement storm windows with wood framing wrapped in vinyl or aluminum do not have this problem. In fact, when wrapped in vinyl or aluminum, wood windows can last up to 100 years.

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Replacement Storm Window Installation

There are times when an open window is beneficial, but there are also times when you want it absolutely shut. You don't want extreme heat or cold. You don't want outside noise. You don't want outside air when it's polluted. You do want to keep your energy costs low.

If it's time to install some tighter windows, you might be thinking of picking some up at your local home store. However, there's a better window replacement option: custom replacement window installation from Advanced Window Products, Utah's #1 window replacement contractor. Here's why:

  • We measure your opening and built an exact replacement for your window.
  • Well-built, well-hung double-pane vinyl windows reduce energy consumption by 30-40%.
  • Our vinyl, as opposed to aluminum or steel, does not lose energy through the frame or draw heat and moisture to your glass.

Replacement Storm Window Contractor in Utah

In Salt Lake City, the best window replacement options come from Advanced Window Products.

  • We’ve been doing business in Utah for 25 years.
  • We offer four unique lines of windows.
  • We partner with the best suppliers and manufacture your windows in our own factory.
  • Our vast range of window replacement options gives you a choice of style and price that fits your budget.
  • All windows come with a double lifetime warranty.
  • We do all our own installations with installers who are lead-safe, AAMA, NFRC, and Energy Star Certified.
  • We are a green business, a part of Buy Local First Utah and we support many local charities including the Utah Make A Wish Foundation and Habitat for Humanity.

Advanced Window Products Storm Windows

If you need an affordable, effective, and attractive solution to chronic drafts and high energy bills, come explore exterior storm windows at Advanced Window Products. Contact us for a free estimate or some expert recommendations for your next window installation.

For expert guidance on replacement storm windows for your home or business, or to schedule a free estimate, contact Advanced Window Products, Utah, or use our online contact form.

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