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Did you know that your home can lose up to 30% of heating and cooling from leaks through windows and doors? Your outdated windows can be causing you to pay more on utilities every month. But when a typical window replacement project can cost a lot, what is a homeowner to do? Energy-efficient storm windows are an affordable addition that can make your home feel more comfortable. They limit the movement of air in and out of the home, protecting your existing windows from the outdoor elements.

Here are the benefits of getting replacement exterior storm windows:

There is a storm window for every climate:

Storm windows that come with a low emissivity (low-E) coating can save you money. These newer models of storm windows are highly energy-efficient compared to classic models. They come in different product types to serve different climates. Low-E solar insulating windows can direct sunlight inside while blocking cold air from entering your main windows. If you live in a hot climate, then low-E solar reflective storm panels can reflect up to 35% of the harsh sun rays so that much of the outside heat doesn't enter your house.

Storm Windows stop air leakage:

A storm window is an extra line of defense against air leakage. Even if you choose not to replace your main windows, a storm window can be an added buffer between your home and the weather outside. This reduces the drafts that come into your home and makes it a more comfortable place to be. By reducing drafts, your home is less humid in the summer and less dry in the winter. For this reason, storm windows are especially good for climates where extreme temperatures are common.

Storm Windows cost less than traditional replacements:

If you're on a budget but still want to stop those pesky drafts, Installing exterior storm windows is an affordable solution. Storm windows cost about one-quarter of the price of a total window replacement, or around $40 per window. And the energy savings is almost equal to replacing entire windows!

Increase your curb appeal with Replacement Storm Windows:

If your current window design is outdated, covering them with modern storm windows can make your home look better from the curb! There are many styles and sizes to select, so finding a type that fits over your existing windows shouldn't be hard at all. However, finding your favorite design can be quite a decision when you have many materials, colors, and patterns at your disposal.

Protect your Home from outdoor elements:

Storm windows don't just guard against drafts. They can also be an extra line of protection against outdoor noises, intruders, and extreme weather conditions.

Save money with Storm Windows:

On average, storm windows can reduce your energy usage between 25 to 50%. This will help your HVAC work less hard as well, so it can be less likely to break down prematurely from overwork. They also protect your original windows, which increases their lifespan so you don't have to spend money often replacing them.

Advanced Window Products Storm Windows

If you need an affordable, effective, and attractive solution to chronic drafts and high energy bills, come explore exterior storm windows at Advanced Window Products. Contact us for a free estimate or some expert recommendations for your next window installation.

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