How Are Replacement Windows Installed?

Professional window replacement provides the best results for homeowners and businesses alike. To get the most out of your new replacement windows, proper installation by professional replacement window installers is critical.

The Benefits of Upgrading the Entire Window System

Whether replacement windows installation is for a home or a commercial property, the benefits from an entire replacement window-system upgrade are best realized by having all the new windows installed at the same time. There is less benefit by having energy-efficient windows installed in only part of a facility and having older windows in another part, that still cause inefficiency. The biggest potential reductions in utility bills and improvements in interior comfort, come from having all the energy-leaking windows replaced at the same time.
Installing Windows - Replacement Windows Installation Services in Utah

Designer Choices for Window Upgrades

New windows are both energy-efficient and beautiful. There are many wonderful choices in window lines to choose from, including the ability to match the window frame color to nearly any color you need. Patriot windows have patented technology that allows them to open up or down, slide, pivot, swing, and tilt. They are easily positioned for cleaning the exterior glass from the inside.

Proper Installation of Replacement Windows

The transition to a new window system is easier when working with the highly qualified technicians from Advanced Window Products. Proper installation of energy-efficient windows includes treatment around the windows as well. Extra care is given to the insulation materials placed within the walls surrounding the windows. Sealing the window installation properly prevents any energy leaks that might otherwise occur, from the areas in the walls around the windows.

Steps of a Replacement Window Install:

  1. Old windows are removed.
  2. The areas around the existing window frames are cleaned and inspected.
  3. Any problems with wood rot or structural conditions around the existing window frames are repaired.
  4. Additional insulation is added as required.
  5. Window frame openings are adjusted to provide a level secure fit for the new windows.
  6. Install replacement windows.
  7. The new windows are “wrapped.” Wrapping means that the border edges of the windows on the interior and exterior have materials placed around the edges that seals the windows to the walls.
  8. Trim and casing is replaced on the new windows. Caulking is done to ensure even the smallest gaps in the materials do not cause any leaks. High-quality caulking with a long service life is used. This is the final step to make the new home windows Utah attractive and completes the installation.

Get your Utah Window Replacement Installation from Advanced Window Products

Professional window installation results in beautiful new windows that are energy-efficient, without any leaks, and aligned properly for the best look. Many window replacement projects are completed within a single day of reconstruction to avoid inconvenience of the property owners. Carefully remove all old windows and debris during the clean up process.

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