Whether you’re a new homeowner or have lived in your house a lifetime, you’ll need new windows at some point. Maybe you’ve been putting it off because it feels like an expense or hassle. If you could use new windows in your home, Advanced Window Products are the replacement window installers who will make it a positive experience. Replacement Window InstallersThe whole process can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. As with any home maintenance or upgrades, careful planning, and good decision-making should ensure a straightforward installation experience. Be sure to first define your goals and budget for the new windows. Consider any neighborhood rules such as historic district requirements. How much time do you have in your schedule for the work to be done? Is the schedule realistic and is extra time built-in? Answering these questions first will help narrow down your best options, especially when consulting with a window expert. Once all of these factors have been taken into consideration, how does the actual installation go? First, with the old window removed, the installer will measure the opening and make sure that it is just large enough for the window dimensions and straight and square.  They will check to see if reframing or shims may be needed. After fitting the new window into place it’s checked to be level and square. Then flashing is nailed in, and a waterproof membrane applied around it. Finally, caulking and insulation are added to complete a proper, tight fit. This entire process is critical because the most advanced windows won’t help your house unless they are properly seated and fully sealed from outside air and moisture. This can take a few hours per window.

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With Advanced Window Products, the entire experience is advanced, not just the windows. We offer colorful vinyl options for your exterior and subtle interior tones to suit your décor. Our double warranty and transferable AWP warranty guarantees materials and installation for peace of mind. And no-interest financing options and available Energy Star rebates make us your affordable window source. Request a free bid on your window project or call us at 801-505-9622 to speak with the local experts. We’re here for you and your windows.

When Should I Replace my Windows?

Maybe your house is newer and you believe windows are not an issue. Unfortunately, because of the builder profit motive, those new windows might not insulate your rooms as well as they should. If your home is newer ask:
  • What is the U-value of the windows? Is it less than the Energy Star rating for your area?
  • Is there a noticeable sensation of outdoor cold or heat near the window?
  • Do the windows “feel” like they are low quality?
If you answered yes to any of these, window replacement could be beneficial. An energy audit can help estimate your potential energy savings. The sooner you have high-quality windows installed, the sooner they start paying you back. On the other hand, if you’ve lived in your home awhile, you might not notice window problems that have developed gradually. Years of weather and wear will reduce the integrity of the windows. Also, older windows can’t give you the high level of comfort and efficiency of modern units.
  • Do you notice drafts or noise coming from the windows?
  • Does the wood or vinyl appear worn, dry or cracked?
  • Are the windows single pane or do they lack film?
  • Are they difficult to operate or just look “tired”?
Answering yes to any of these could mean you haven’t even noticed how drafty, noisy or uncomfortable your windows have become. time-to-replace-windows_infographic

Vinyl Window Installation FAQ

Advanced Window Products installs flashing around your window to keep water and moisture out of the gaps around the frame. This process has two parts. First, an experienced technician preps the rough opening. Second, the window is secured and squared. We ensure that the flashing is integrated with the house wrapping and sealed with construction tape and silicone caulking to keep your home secure and dry.
A pocket window is also called an insert window. They are inserted within an existing opening. Advanced Window Products recommends pocket window installations when you want to upgrade to one of our high-performing models. Preserving the existing frame, casing and trim saves time and money. In order to use this method, you need a window frame that's square, level and in good condition. It's also recommended for historic homes where you wish to preserve the character of the existing structure. During the process, our training installers leave the exterior stops and sashes in place and the new window is installed from the exterior of the home.
Retrofit windows match the frame of an existing window. In this case, we remove the glass of the existing window and fit the new window with any necessary adjustments. The siding, walls and window frame are untouched and this is the least invasive window installation. On the interior, you may see a small gap between the old and new window frames. Advanced Window Products may use expanding foam and insulation to seal the gap. All windows purchased from us come with a double lifetime warranty.
For standard, double-hung, vinyl and double-pane windows, the typical window plus installation cost is between $450 and $600. Wood windows are more expensive and cost between $800-$1,000.
There is an endless variety of window installations. We have installed windows on older houses and new construction. The type, quality, material and brand impact what you pay for the actual windows. The type of installation and number of windows impacts your total costs. To estimate your costs, you first have to consider the type of window you want to use. This is the biggest contributor to cost. Energy windows with double-hung pains and storm windows are usually the most expensive. However, they provide extra insulation and improve your security, comfort and utility costs.

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If you're looking for the most affordable options, choose from Advanced Window Products' wide selection of single-pane windows, such as casement and picture windows. You also must consider the type of frame you want to install in your home. The most popular options are wood, vinyl, and aluminum — wood is the most expensive. If you want to maintain the traditional look of a rustic home, it may be worth the added expense. Vinyl is the least expensive option.

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