What are Single-Hung Windows?

Single-Hung-Replacement-WindowA single-hung window is a type of single slider window that is raised up from the bottom to allow air inside. The top portion of the window remains in place and the bottom portion moves up and down, hanging in place. That is why it is called a single-hung window. Single-hung windows are what you'll typically find in modern homes that were constructed recently. They are very well-suited for traditional style homes. Originally, you would find them in Victorian and Georgian houses. Now, they mesh well with nearly any type of home. Single-hung windows are often compared to double-hung windows, which are their main counterpart. Double-hung windows are different in the sense that they can be opened from the bottom or the top. In other words, both the top sash and the bottom sash can move up or down, which means you can get much more ventilation. In addition, double-hung windows can also tilt inward, making them very easy to clean from the inside of your home. Single-hung windows do not tilt.

Benefits of Single-Hung Windows

There are multiple benefits to having single-hung windows instead of other window types. Some of these benefits include:
  • Typically 10 – 20% less expensive than other types of windows
  • They are less prone to drafts or leaks
  • Their excellent insulation makes them very energy efficient
  • They're sturdy and very durable
  • They can be custom fitted for your home
The overall benefits of single-hung windows are that they offer a less expensive alternative to double-hung windows as well as fewer maintenance costs.

Single-Hung Replacement Windows from Advanced Window Products

As a company with many years of experience, we're here for all of your window replacement or upgrade needs. The benefits of working with us are that every window that we make is custom made to your needs and expectations. All of our windows are made of the highest-grade glass available, which is Ultimate Performance Glass. This offers increased durability, energy performance, and outside noise reduction. We are proud of the fact that our windows have earned the Energy Star. As part of Energy Star, we have helped achieve $18 billion in savings on energy costs in 2010 alone. By purchasing single-hung replacement windows through Advanced Window Products, you may also qualify for rebates from Dominion Energy and Rocky Mountain Power. For more information about upgrading and/or replacing your home's windows, feel free to contact us here, or call us toll-free at 1-800-246-9355. We look forward to hearing from you and serving all of your window replacement needs!

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