We Offer Complimentary High-Performance Flex Window Screens for Home

Advanced Window Products does not sell window screens individually, however, every window we sell comes with state-of-the-art Flex Screen Window Screens. It is the world’s first flexible window screen, and it is the only one currently in existence. So, prepare to be amazed! This screen has properties that enable it to perform in entirely new ways. It’s not like any screen you’ve seen on windows. These window screens are incredibly flexible and durable.

What Material Is Flex Screen Made From?

Flex Screen is made from spring steel enhanced with phosphate and coated with high-performance, exterior-grade PVC for exceptional scratch and weather resistance. The screens are available in five varieties of screen mesh material. This unique problem-solving window screen innovation is patented and has won multiple awards. It’s no wonder FlexScreen has already sold millions of these remarkable window screens for home installation. 

How Strong is the Flex Screen?

Of course, all window screens are designed for one purpose, which is keeping insects out of your home. Any window screen can be pushed out when moderate force is applied, including Flex Screens. So, always watch children and pet animals near open windows. Screens cannot protect them from falling out of windows. If you have a pet, upgrading to the Flexview Tuff mesh option may offer greater resistance to screen damage from pets.

Is Flex Screen Made for Sliding Glass Doors?

Advanced Window Products sells every window with screens. Flex Screen screens are also made to fit Advanced Window Products sliding glass doors. Flex Screen will fit all sliding glass doors with a track width of 5/16 inches or more. Except for specific custom-shaped windows or doors, there is a Flex Screen to fit it. 

Does Flex Screen Come With a Warranty?

All Advanced Window Products windows and doors come with our exceptional warranty. The FlexScreen screens we include with all our window products come with an excellent limited lifetime warranty, covering any defects in the materials or manufacturing. You can expect that your FlexScreen screens with your new Advanced energy-efficient windows that come with your Advanced Window Product windows will never need replacement. But, if your window screen does present any issues, your investment is covered by the industry's best-limited warranty for the Flex Screen component.

Why Choose Advanced Window Products?

Advanced Window Products manufactures today’s best energy-efficient replacement windows for homes. Our best high-performance windows feature low-E glass, argon gas-filled double pane glass panels, and high-durability vinyl framing. The revolutionary Flex Screen is one more amazing feature of the superior window products offered by Advanced.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a double lifetime warranty. Ask about our zero-down and low-interest financing options to make upgrading your home windows as easy as possible.

For more information about Flex Screen or high-performance windows, call Advanced Window Products at (801) 505-9622, or contact us online for a free in-home estimate!

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