Legacy Series Energy Efficient Black Windows in Utah

Legacy Series Energy Efficient Black Windows in Utah- Advanced Window Products

Are you ready to update your building? Modernizing with the new Legacy Series black windows puts you at the top of the latest trend! These black vinyl replacement windows will make your business look fresh while providing all of the benefits you'd expect from energy-efficient window solutions.

Our company, Advanced Window Products, is Utah's #1 replacement window company. You can rest assured that you'll get great windows and great service when you deal with us. Call us today for new black windows. If you order 10 or more, you'll get $2,000 off!

What Makes the New Legacy Series Black Windows Special?

The Color

The first thing you'll notice about the new Legacy Series black windows is, of course, their black frames. These windows are black on both the inside and outside, which makes them work well with almost any decor. If you have an overall dark-colored indoor theme, the black window frames will blend in to be low-key and upscale. Against light-colored backgrounds, the black frames become highlights that call attention to the windows.


These energy-efficient windows are just as energy-saving as our similar offerings in standard colors, with low-E glass complete with argon fill. The glass is energy-efficient Cardinal Glass 366.



Our Legacy Series black vinyl windows are available in all styles, including single- and double-hungsliding, and picture. You won't have any problems getting the functionality you want!

Double Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on the installation, manufacturing, frames, and even the glass of our windows. You can be sure of the quality of your windows with a warranty like this.

There is also a Good Housekeeping warranty on all of our products, which means you get a double warranty!

Why Choose Advanced Window Products for Your Energy Efficient Black Windows in Utah?

We've been in business for over 30 years, and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, proving that we provide outstanding customer satisfaction. However, we don't just rest on our stats. We offer many direct benefits that others do not.

Since windows are typically a substantial investment, we make it easy to purchase with our 24-month 0%-interest financing (with approved credit). With this offer, you'll enjoy no payments or interest for 24 months. This makes it easy to get in on our big sale and save $2,000 when you buy 10 or more windows!

We also offer factory-direct savings and high-performance rebates to keep costs down. There is no minimum purchase to get in on these discounts.

Here at Advanced Window Products, we believe in giving back, as well. We donate to Habitat for Humanity, Make-a-Wish, and other worthy foundations.Every purchase you make therefore helps these organizations.


Our company is family-owned and operated. Therefore, your purchase dollars don't disappear to some faceless corporation thousands of miles away. Instead, they help your local community.

When you decide to upgrade your building to include the latest color schemes, remember to add our new Legacy Series black windows. Since they're black on both the inside and outside, they look great with almost any decor.


Call Advanced Window Products now or fill out the quick form on our site to get a quote and get in on all of our sales and discounts!

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