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Advanced Window Products in Salt Lake City offers the highest quality custom-built sliding glass exterior doors in Utah. By combining high-quality craftsmanship with the latest advances in door manufacturing technology, we offer sliding glass doors that are energy-efficient, durable, and long-lasting. With our vinyl sliding glass patio doors, you can keep your home warm all winter and cool all summer with decreased energy costs.

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Benefits of Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Sliding glass doors, also known as patio doors, are visually appealing and offer homeowners a variety of practical features. Sliding glass doors are designed to open and close easily, with one panel gliding horizontally in front of the other. Since sliding glass doors do not open outward like hinged doors, they can readily fit into tight spaces and can be opened and closed without causing obstructions. Sliding glass doors give your home a fresh and open feeling as they fill your rooms with soft, natural sunlight. Our replacement doors are energy-efficient, durable, and resistant to strong damaging solar rays. With our easy glide technology, your sliding glass doors will work flawlessly, allowing your family easy access to the terrace or patio for all kinds of family celebrations, barbecues, and parties.

Features of Exterior Sliding Glass Doors

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  • Our patio sliding glass doors are made with highly durable frames that are easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free.
  • Sliding glass doors are not only great for newly built homes but will also work well in any home remodeling project.
  • Our sliding glass doors are cast using a hollow-core, multi-chambered extrusion process. This means that their sturdy construction will make them more energy-efficient and weather-tight than comparable products.
  • Custom welded corners are weather-tight and resistant to solar damage.
  • With your choice of double-pane tempered glass, available in thicknesses including 3/4", 7/8", and 1 inch, your sliding glass doors are sure to keep cold air out and reduce your home heating costs.
  • Our sliding glass doors are designed with a heavy-duty steel roller assembly which runs quietly on a stainless-steel track. Sound dampening technology effectively reduces sound transmission from outside.
  • Our sliding glass doors are glazed on the interior, creating a weather seal while allowing easy replacement of window glass from the inside.

Sliding Patio Door Cost Factors

The majority of sliding door systems consist of two glass panels and the door framing. The door and frame construction type and frame materials affect the total cost of a sliding glass door. Choosing energy-efficient door glass and framing, impact-resistant glass, triple panels, grid additions, and/or other upgrades naturally adds to the materials costs. Advanced styles like Folding Glass Doors, Telescoping Glass Doors, and others cost more. Additionally, custom-sizing or styling can significantly increase the cost of your sliding glass replacement doors.

Here are some key points to keep in mind about costs when ordering a sliding glass door. Starting with this information can help you narrow your search to the best sliding glass doors Utah has to offer for your needs and vision at a price that fits the budget you have set for the project.

Construction Types of Sliding Patio Doors

The total width is typically about 6 feet wide. The average cost of a basic model sliding glass door system of this configuration is around $300. Comparatively large sliding glass doors sometimes cost up to $1,000 or more. Pre-hung models that come with the glass already in the frame, ready to install all in one piece, can cost more.

Installation Preparation Costs

To prepare for your sliding glass door installation, first, your installers will remove the existing door. Often, aging sliding door systems have developed air leaks causing drafts in houses, and/or the door latches no longer work properly to secure the home.If your existing door has these or other functionality problems, the interior framing and other components of the door system may need to be removed and replaced. This means that two industry-certified installers must do the job, to remove the glass panels, frame, and jamb safely and efficiently.

Altering the Structure for a Different Size Sliding Door

If you plan to replace your existing sliding door with one of the same size, the structural work has already been done. The space will accommodate the height and width of your new sliding glass door. But, if you select a sliding glass door that is a different size than your current one, a different framing unit must be installed. Preparing the wall structure for a new frame will raise the total cost of your project. Also factor in the cost for pulling a permit for the construction work, to ensure the altered space is structurally strong and well ventilated.

Sliding Patio Door Frame Materials

Today's advanced home improvement product engineering innovations allow homeowners to choose from a vast selection of sliding glass door styles and functional benefits. Glass panel designs and frame materials are available in a wide array of high-tech options. For either traditional or modern home styles, there are abundant choices of configurations. Many can be produced from either wood, clad wood, aluminum, or highly energy-efficient vinyl door framing.

Sliding Door Styles

Advanced Window Products offers a wide range of sliding glass door styles to meet varying durability and style requirements. The pricing varies between styles and between sizes, degrees of complexity, types of glass, framing materials, and design choices.

Sliding Patio Door Glass Types

The kind of glass you select can raise the cost of your sliding glass door replacement project. Designing your sliding door with high-performance glass for maximum energy efficiency increases the cost. Using impact-resistant glass, high levels of UV protection, tempered glass, or textured glass also raises the cost. Doors with double glass panels or thicker panels can add to the upfront cost. But, remember energy-efficient doors can help reduce your costs for heating and cooling significantly for decades to come!

Adding Screens to Sliding Glass Doors

If you want a wide view of the gorgeous Utah scenery and natural light pouring into your home, a sliding glass door delivers these amazing lifestyle benefits. But, you probably do not want to give curious little Salt Lake Valley creatures wide access to your home. Add a sliding screen door to your project to remedy this issue. The extra cost is typically around $150.

Adding Grids

You can even more fully customize your sliding glass door by adding decorative and functional grids, to mimic multi-pane glass doors.

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Designing and Consulting

Your expert sliding glass door design consultant will provide you with in-home or virtual online meetings. Your consultant will listen carefully to your needs and expectations for your new sliding glass door and then produce a project plan for your home improvement project.

Measuring and Finalizing Your Order

Your installation project manager will ensure the accuracy of measurements for your new sliding glass door system before finalizing your order for fulfillment. This project expert will also make sure that any remaining questions you may have are answered before sending your order to create your new sliding glass door.

Installing Your New Sliding Doors

Our industry-certified installers will take the utmost professional care of your home during all steps of the preparation for and installation of your new sliding glass door unit. Installers will carefully clean up the installation area on the inside and outside of your home after the installation work is complete.

Our commitment is to provide you with services as needed throughout the lifetime warranty for your high-performance sliding door. We make sure your energy-efficient sliding door continue functioning as they are designed to perform for you.

You'll Love What You See

At Advanced Window Products, we know how important it is for your family to enjoy a warm and comfortable home. That is why we offer a wide array of high-quality windows, glass doors, and pet doors crafted to improve your home’s appearance, functionality, and energy efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Sliding Glass Doors

Exterior sliding glass doors are popular for access to decks, patios, screened rooms, and backyard recreation areas. Well-built vinyl sliding glass doors are built to withstand the outdoor elements and the wear and tear they receive during heavy seasonal use of these outdoor living spaces. The average patio door lasts around years. With proper use and routine cleaning, many high-quality glass patio doors can be expected to look great and function well for up to 30 years without requiring major maintenance or repairs.

Advanced Window Products offers a wide array of color options for vinyl sliding doors. You can order your new exterior sliding doors in the ever-popular and timeless colors of classic white, black, tan, or beige. Or, you can choose from a dazzling selection of custom colors for vinyl sliding doors upon request and pay a little more. With a sliding glass door in a custom color, you can create a unique space that incorporates a special doorway designed with a framing color to fit your design style.

Advanced Window Products is a family-owned manufacturing business. We produce our region’s best quality home improvement products. Our exceptionally skilled and dedicated team proudly builds all our outdoor sliding doors in our top-quality production facility here in Salt Lake City, Utah.

One of the important advantages of the vinyl door and window frames is that they are exceptionally durable and require comparatively very little maintenance. Here’s how to clean vinyl door frames:

  • Mix a mild soap and water solution.
  • First, use clear water to rinse dirt and dust off the window frame and trim.
  • Then, gently apply mild soapy water with a soft cleaning brush or sponge.
  • Immediately rinse the frame with clean water.
  • Wipe the frame dry with a clean, soft cloth.

Advanced Window Products does not offer a price match. Our priority is in providing our customers with the industry’s best quality windows and doors, vs. selling at the lowest price. We do save our customers a lot of money by selling factory-direct. This eliminates retail and wholesale markup.
Buying factory direct means our customers get high-quality vinyl sliding glass patio doors at significant savings compared to buying from a retail home improvement store. We also make new windows and doors affordable with our 0% interest financing (for qualified credit).

Sliding patio doors provide an ideal alternative to conventional hinged doors for a variety of locations and purposes in a home. Sliding glass doors also offer special functional and aesthetic advantages that are unique to their design. For example:

  • Patio sliding glass doors provide a beautiful large view of the outdoors, and they allow a flood of natural light into your indoor living spaces.
  • The state-of-the-art window glass, the vinyl framing, and the high-performance construction design in Advanced Window Products increase your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Patio sliding doors provide convenient access to your outdoor living spaces on your screened porch, deck, or patio, without having a door that takes up space by opening inward or outward.
  • The large expanse of glass in a sliding door brings the adjoining indoor and outdoor spaces a luxury design aesthetic.

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