Do I Need A Pet Door?

Having a pet means having a companion. The bond between people and animals is touching, beautiful and inspiring. Pets are known to have tremendous health benefits for their owners, and few things in life bring the satisfaction and joy of bonding with your pet. That’s why you try to do every reasonable thing you can to make their lives as happy and meaningful as they make yours. Pet doors are an excellent way to add quality-of-life to your pet’s daily routine, and they help in ways you may not have considered. Whether you are home full-time or have to leave your pet alone hours a day, a quality pet door from Advanced Window Products represents a wonderful opportunity for you both.

Benefits of Pet Doors

Two Dogs The positive things a pet door can do for both you and your furry friend are surprisingly diverse. Most obviously, they add convenience for owners like you, since you won’t have to tend to the door anymore. Likewise, they help with pet behavior by reducing housebreaking accidents. The freedom of a pet door will also encourage your animal to spend more time outdoors. This promotes a more active lifestyle, helping them to get the regular exercise they need. It also stimulates their mental health by providing more sounds, scents and general excitement that keeps them alert much longer into their lives. For pet owners who don’t have someone in the house all day, the benefits are even greater. The doors reduce agitation and loneliness for the pets while you are gone, reducing destructive behavior like scratching and chewing. Mostly, they make the pet’s life much more comfortable and promote better bladder health by avoiding extended periods of having to “hold it” until you get home.

Advancements in Pet Doors

In the past, there have been two strong and reasonable arguments against installing a pet door:
  • They reduce efficiency. The gaping hole in a major pathway to the great outdoors inevitably raises heating and cooling costs throughout the year.
  • They present a security risk. Pet doors are typically much less secure against break-ins than doors and walls without such an exploitable weakness.
Thankfully, both issues have been tackled by science. For efficiency, recent innovations use improved materials and techniques to minimize airflow and almost entirely stop negative temperature effects. Magnetic stripping helps create perfect seals; coupled with polyurethane foam, fiberglass and other advanced materials, this adds substantial insulation improvements to the doors themselves. As for security, stronger materials and tight seals are a good place to start. Pet sized ramps or staircases create access points far above the ground that are friendly for your dogs and cats but quite inaccessible to ill-meaning humans. Similarly, ground-level access can be placed in trenches or regions that won’t work for human travel. Lastly, improved flap locks make pet doors impenetrable for extended absences.

Advanced Window Pet Doors Are The Answer

The reasons not to install a pet door are shrinking. With a little creativity and an expert installation, you can have a safe, efficient door that improves the health of you and your favorite pet. The money saved by reducing destructive behavior nicely offsets the initial cost of an installation, and ultimately, you know you want what’s best for you and your pet. Have a chat with one of our experts at Advanced Window Products today. We’ll show you all that is new, effective and stylish in pet doors to get you and your furry family set up with a better lifestyle.

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