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Lifetime Coverage

Subject to the limitations and exclusions listed below, Advanced Window Products (“AWP”) warrants to the original AWP customer / property owner (“Owner”) that its windows and doors, including insulated glass units, will be free of defects in materials and workmanship. Should any such defect occur for as long as the Owner is still living at and retains ownership of the property, AWP will pay to repair or furnish replacements for products or components found to be defective or, at its option, refund the original purchase price of the product.

Better Built Windows Warranty

  • AWP warrants that under normal use, all vinyl and parts comprising windows and doors manufactured by AWP will not blister, peel, rot or corrode.
  • AWP further warrants that, except with respect to the General Limitations and Exclusions listed below, accidental glass breakage will be covered under this warranty.
  • AWP further warrants that labor associated with any covered warranty items shall be provided, unless the work falls under the General Limitations and Exclusions listed below.
  • AWP agrees that this lifetime warranty may be transferred to the Owner’s immediate transferee of the residence, provided that such transferee notifes AWP within 30 days of transferee’s acquisition of the residence, and pays a one-time transfer fee within the 30 day period of $50.00 to AWP by check or credit card.

General Limitations and Exclusions

This warranty does not cover or provide coverage against any of the following:
  1. Acts of God (hurricanes, tornadoes, food, fre, etc.), acts of war, civil unrest, stress resulting from localized heat, improper maintenance, modifications to product, and vandalism are not covered by this warranty. Failure to properly handle or care for and maintain (see the maintenance instructions on the reverse side); problems related to applied fnishes, applied sealants, or caulking; damage caused by foam insulation products; failures or damage caused by outside infuences such as structural settlement, neglect, abuse, misuse, vandalism, heat, smoke, condensation, weather, impact of any object due to vandalism, and natural weathering. This warranty covers the repair or replacement of the product and excludes incidental or consequential damages to persons or property.
  2. The labor warranty set forth above does not transfer to the initial transferee of the residence.
  3. Color variation may exist between replacement parts and the original weathered material, and such variations are excluded from coverage.
  4. This warranty applies exclusively for windows and doors manufactured and installed by AWP. Any other window, door, or other home improvement products not manufactured by AWP may be covered under separate warranties.
  5. The warranty for factory painted windows and doors is limited to 20 years, with such period beginning upon installation.
  6. The warranty for insulated glass units that contain blinds is limited to 10 years, with such period beginning upon installation.

Making a Claim

The Owner (or transferee, as applicable) must notify AWP in writing within 30 days after frst appearance of the claimed defect) of any covered defect. Along with such notice, the Owner (or transferee) shall provide proof of ownership of the Residence (at the time of the purchase and the claim), and evidence that the product was installed in accordance with AWP’s installation standards. All notifcations should be sent to:

All warranty notifications should be sent to:

Advanced Window Products, Inc.
ATTN: Warranty Department
3052 South 460 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84115


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