Patriot Double Slide- Energy Efficient Replacement Windows Utah - Advanced Window ProductsImproving the energy efficiency of one's home has become a hot topic in recent years. There has been a lot of talk about energy efficient appliances such as washers, dryers, and air conditioning systems. However, the importance of having the right windows has generally been overlooked. Energy efficient windows can cut heating and cooling bills significantly.

Patriot Windows are some of the best energy efficient windows on the market. They can swing, pivot, slide, and tilt for easier cleaning. They can also be installed in double hung or double slide configurations, whichever one you prefer. Patriot Windows go together perfectly with 

Patriot Windows go together perfectly with Innergy Rigid Thermal Reinforcements. Innergy reinforcements are made out of 20% biodegradable material, which sets them apart from any similar product on the market. They also offer a combination of strong reinforcement and effective insulation.

If you need someone to install your Patriot Windows and Innergy Rigid Thermal Reinforcements, check out Advanced Window Products.

Benefits of Patriot Windows

Patriot Windows are rare among energy efficient windows in that they are versatile and ergonomic, in addition to being well-insulated. Their range of movement makes them easy to maintain, as well as making it easy to crack a window and let just the right amount of fresh air into your home. No matter how you have them installed, Patriot Windows feature strong, easy to clean, and energy efficient vinyl material.

Other benefits of Patriot Windows include:

  • Patriot Double Hung Window- Energy Efficient Replacement Windows Utah - Advanced Window ProductsDouble Slide or Double Hung.
  • Both windows can be removed.
  • Sliding half screen and full screen are available, and can easily be removed.
  • Beveled outer frame offers upgraded appearance.
  • Enhanced color with multiple options; white and almond.
  • Heavy multi-chambered frame provides increased durability and strength.
  • Every window has high performance glass, coated with LoE-366.
  • Patents include: drain channel, slide block, safety clip and structural clip.
  • Air tight with high thermal performance.
  • Weather stripping prevents drafts and moisture from coming in your home.
  • Custom made and fitted.

Benefits of Innergy Rigid Thermal Reinforcements

Innergy Rigid Thermal Reinforcement- Energy Efficient Replacement Windows Utah - Advanced Window ProductsAfter you've had your Patriot Windows installed, you should consider getting Innergy Rigid Thermal Reinforcements to complement them. Innergy reinforcements are made of biodegradable plastic, instead of the standard aluminum window reinforcement material. Their green construction is more friendly to the environment that reinforcements made of traditional materials. The usage of biodegradable materials doesn't mean the reinforcements are flimsy; Innergy reinforcements are stronger than their competitors. They also provide better insulation. Their enhanced insulation capabilities are due to the high-tech plastic used for this product was specially designed for insulation through years of research and development. Window reinforcements that use aluminum – the traditional material – can't say the same. Learn More about Patriot Windows

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