Take our Red-Flag Window Quiz to see if replacing your windows is still a nice-ity or if it may have moved up to a necessity in the not too distant future. This is actually pretty funny, for those that can relate to window woes. Read on for good humored fun about drafty, noisy, hot windows.
Red Flag     1. I see moisture & fogging between the pains of glass or around the seal.
  1. Yes! My windows are like a bathroom mirror after a hot shower!
  2. Occasionally, but it doesn't usually draw my attention.
  3. Never, I can always see clearly through my glass.
  2. I feel amplified heat coming through when the sun is out.
  1. Yes! Who needs a greenhouse for plants? Just bring your seedlings to my house for sprouting.
  2. Sometimes, but only above 100 degrees, but isn't everything melting then anyway?
  3. Nope. My windows are natural heat blockers.
  3. There is cold air and drafts around my windows.
  1. Yes! I help keep fuzzy sock and cozy blanket companies bustling all winter long, because it is so drafty in here.
  2. Occasionally, but I only notice it when I'm in the mood for hot chocolate and movie night.
  3. No. My windows are solid barriers to the cold temperatures.
  4. My frames are aluminum, steal or single pane windows.
  1. Yes! To save money my housing contractor must have gone under budget by purchasing the cheapest windows on the market.
  2. No. My frames are vinyl and my panes are double.
  5. I hear excessive noise transmittance and vibrations.
  1. Yes! Whether its outdoor sneezing, loud parties, or cars moving, it seems like I can hear everything going on outside.
  2. Sometimes I am bothered by my neighbor's loud parties.
  3. Nope. It's like Fort Knox over here, I can't hear a thing.
The Meaning Behind the Points 5 Points Help! It's time to replace those drafty, foggy, cold, hot, noisy windows, so you can live with a clear, calm, consistent view. Contact us immediately for emergency window revitalization!   6-10 Points You may not be in dire straights, but you definitely have reason to call for a no obligation, free quote. You can see what difference the right windows can do for your home, and now might be the right time for you.   11-14  Points Congratulations! You are probably enjoying your Advanced Window Products replacement windows, right? Thanks for being a loyal customer and thank you for participating in this fun survey!