On average, sliding patio doors last 20 years. However, this average lifespan assumes normal wear and tear conditions. The lifespan also assumes the doors have not been repeatedly exposed to harsh conditions. Unless a homeowner has been the sole owner of the property or has had the doors installed, it can be difficult to determine these factors. Fortunately, we can help homeowners recognize the telltale signs that it is time to replace a home's patio doors.

Top Signs

The top signs we can use to determine whether a home needs replacement patio doors include:

  • The door functions poorly or is broken
  • Poor energy efficiency, including drafts and condensation on the inside of the glass
  • An appearance that no longer fits the desired look of the home

As property owners, we can fall into the trap of complacency if a door starts sticking, not working properly, or not shutting all the way. Doors that seem to be in constant need of repair and are not working the way they should could become a safety hazard. Doors that do not shut all the way and do not lock properly can increase the chance that someone can break in or enter the home. Sliding glass doors, for instance, should be replaced when the rollers become difficult to use or the doors no longer stay on the track.

Concerns about energy efficiency are a sign it is time to invest in replacement patio doors. If the doors are more than ten years, there's a high chance that they are not as efficient as the latest options. Telltale signs such as moisture on the inside of the glass during cooler months or drafts means the doors are no longer keeping air in the home. We can install doors that meet the latest energy efficient standards and ratings. Doors that meet the latest standards not only provide improved insulation but help homeowners save on utility bills in the summer and winter.

The appearance of the home's current sliding patio doors may not fit with the overall look of the room. A previous owner could have updated the windows and the doors no longer match. It is also possible the look of the room has changed, more light or a different look is desired. Installing French doors is a popular way to update a room with a more sophisticated look and increase resale value.

Replacement Costs

If one or more of the signs are present, it can be natural to worry about financing. While an owner should get at least two or three quotes from different vendors, choose one that offers a warranty and zero interest payment options. At Advanced Window Products, we offer a double lifetime warranty, zero down and zero percent financing for 60 months. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Putting off the decision to replace a home's doors can result in higher long-term costs. If doors are no longer functioning properly, are showing signs of poor energy efficiency, or no longer fit the home's look, don't put it off any longer. We're happy to help with replacement quotes and affordable payment options.

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