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Comparing wood to vinyl windows, it’s easy to observe that wood frames have become a construction standard of bygone eras and that vinyl has risen to the most popular choice now for builders. But, why? Over the decades, wood window framing has proven to be a problematic choice for homeowners, whereas vinyl windows allow builders to provide the look of wood but are much more energy-efficient, economical, and easier to maintain long-term.

Wood window frames also warp, often causing windows to become difficult to open and close. But, wood is desirable for traditional home design styles, so many buyers of vintage homes need good alternatives in other construction materials — like high-quality vinyl windows in realistic wood finishes.

Advanced Window Products builds windows that are more durable and do not bring time-consuming cleaning requirements and costly maintenance issues. Our beautiful vinyl replacement windows are entirely customizable, designed to fit ideally, and deliver exceptional energy efficiency for many years to come.

Compare Benefits of Vinyl Windows to Wood Frame Options

Construction-quality virgin vinyl window frames are the current state of the art in high-efficiency, low-maintenance, durable home window solutions. Our uPVC vinyl looks so much like wood that it can be too difficult to distinguish it from the wood equivalent!

Compare the sets of advantages and disadvantages of wooden windows and vinyl alternatives provided below. It becomes clear when reading through these basic objective pros and cons that the benefits of vinyl windows do significantly outweigh those offered by the wood-alternative.

The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Windows


  • Vinyl windows are more energy-efficient than the best wood window options.
  • Vinyl lasts longer than wood and does not rot or split and splinter.
  • Because uPVC does not conduct heat and cold well, it’s a better insulator than wood.
  • Vinyl is extraordinarily resistant even to extreme weather conditions.
  • Vinyl windows have wood grain finishes that last far longer than on wood finishes.
  • uPVC is a stable construction-grade compound that does not warp.
  • The lowest-maintenance material of any window framing option.
  • Wood-like finishes are available in shades of oak and walnut.
  • Most scratches can be polished back to a smooth finish with minimal effort.
  • Buying vinyl windows is more cost-efficient than wood alternatives.
  • Vinyl windows are easy to work with, now preferred over wood by residential developers.


  • It looks like wood but is not actual wood.
  • Fire-resistant vinyl windows can melt from prolonged exposure to fire.

The Pros and Cons of Wood Windows


  • Wooden windows allow full restoration of a home in its original material.
  • Wood adds value to traditional construction designs.
  • It has a beautiful aesthetic quality equal to its vinyl wood-look equivalent.


  • Wood window material is more expensive than other types.
  • Wood frames are less energy-efficient than vinyl.
  • Wood frames rot, swell, warp, crack, and splinter.
  • Stains and scratches require special repair work to eliminate.
  • Wood windows are more difficult to insulate than other framing types.
  • Routine maintenance is expensive and can be difficult to keep up with.
  • Repairing wood windows is more expensive than for vinyl frames.
  • Exteriors of wood windows require sanding and repainting every few years.
  • Wood is much heavier, which makes it more difficult to manage during construction.
  • Wood is highly flammable, and is actually used as fuel for fire.

So, Vinyl or Wood Windows – Which are Best for My Home?

Construction-grade vinyl can be molded to create beautiful wood-grain window frames that are more durable, more energy-efficient, and more economical overall than wooden models. Wood will always have the singular distinction of being wood. By contrast, however, vinyl wood-look window frames will always provide much greater benefits in high efficiency, freedom from intensive maintenance, a longer lasting finish, and equal beauty to wood.

Advanced Window Products, Salt Lake City Utah

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Each Advanced window and door we build is from high-quality construction-grade vinyl. All Advanced installers are factory trained and hold NFRC, Energy Star®, AAMA, and Lead-Free Certifications.

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