Soffit and Fascia is not only important to the aesthetics of Utah homes, but is also important in protecting your home against wear and tear. Weather exposure, dripping icicles, and clogged gutters can take their toll. The overhang of the roof is often the first place to experience peeling paint, rot, and problems caused by animals, insects, improperly installed flashings, ice dams, and failing gutters.

Most soffits are made from vinyl, an effective material for withstanding the degradation that comes from heat and moisture exposure. Advanced Window Products uses the highest quality materials on our soffit and fascia installations and repairs. Not only do our products offer a lifetime of worry-free protection, but you will have a beautiful custom appearance; and since our soffit and fascia is maintenance-free, you can forget about peeling paint or faded colors.
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Soffit is a term that refers to the material on the underside of the overhang part of your roof. It has many small holes which helps serve a very important role in allowing air to properly circulate under your roof and provide proper ventilation. You want to have fresh air flowing through your soffit, as a poorly ventilated attic can lead to moisture buildup, which can cause mold, rot, and ice dams. Soffit is especially important to Utah homes as our climate offers triple digit summers and heavy snow winters.

Soffit & Fascia replacement utah
Fascia refers to a flat piece of material that runs along the outside of your roof. Your gutters and drip edge are attached to the fascia. Fascia runs along the edge of the roof and holds the soffit in place. Its’ function is to provide a barrier that protects the roof from the elements. At Advanced Window Products, we can devise any profile in any color or material you can imagine. Many Utah homeowners choose a contrasting or complimentary color to give their home design appeal.


Soffit and Fascia Repair Utah

Soffit can become cracked and start curling away from the fascia when it becomes worn, and these are signs that it is time to repair or replace the soffit and fascia on your Utah home. When water is able to seep under the soffit, it can cause water damage to the inside of your attic, and even allow small critters like birds and squirrels into your attic. The gutter will need to be removed in order to repair or replace new soffit or fascia.

Advanced Window Products offers:

  • Soffit and Fascia Installation
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Soffit and Fascia Replacement Services
  • Soffit Repair Utah and Fascia Repair Utah

If you are also looking to make the soffit, fascia, window and door trim of your home beautiful again and maintenance free, contact Advanced Window Products for a complimentary, no-obligation Soffit and Fascia replacement Utah estimate!

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