Window grilles, also called window grids, are a wonderful way to add style to your home. No matter what your home’s style, there’s a window grille to accentuate it. Here are some ways to choose the perfect window grille for your home:

Colonial Homes

One of the popular styles of architecture in the US is colonial. Colonial homes have symmetrical lines—and that includes their windows. With a colonial home, you’ll want to stick to a traditional style, which is a colonial grille. These are actually the most popular style of window grille used today. Named for this style of architecture, it pairs perfectly with your home. Of course, these grilles look good on many types of homes—including more modern homes. They give older and newer homes a clean, classic look.

Colonial grilles typically split the window pane into a number of smaller panes, either 9, 6 or 4.

Modern Homes

As stated above, a contemporary home will also look great with a colonial window grille, but you can also choose a simple, horizontal line. Many newer more modern homes eschew grille patterns altogether, opting for a clean look. But homeowners shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with grids. Diamond grids and colonials will both accent a modern home wonderfully.

Prairie Style Homes

Frank Lloyd Wright made prairie-style architecture famous. His idea was homes should be practical without all the extras. These homes have lots of straight lines—including the flat roof. Since these homes are simple, your grille pattern should be, too. There are grilles specifically named ‘prairie grilles’ to complement your home, and perimeter grilles are perfect for these homes, too.

Prairie grilles are made up of 9 unequal panes per sash, or one pane of glass in each window. Typically, there is one large center pane surrounded by 4 rectangular panes and 4 smaller panes. The smaller panes are located in each corner of the window. These grilles give the illusion of space, as they look like they are allowing in more light.

Victorian Homes

Victorian homes came from Gothic architecture. They are large homes, with a more romantic flare. They often have embellished trim with bright colors.

Since the architecture is a bit more eclectic than other styles, the window grilles that work best with them are also a little bit different. Usually, homeowners choose diamond grids, but colonial grille patterns also look beautiful on these homes. A specific style of grille, with 6 to 8 glass panels, has been designed for these homes called the Victorian grille. Of course, many Victorian home owners opt to go without a grille, as they help give the home a more traditional look.

Cottage Homes

Also called the Farmhouse style, cottage homes are two-story homes that generally have the living space on a lower level with second-floor bedrooms. These houses have fun exteriors. They look whimsical with features such as gingerbread trim, window boxes, or playful colors. Cottage homeowners often opt for colonial grilles because they look more traditional. However, since these homes are a little different, it’s always fun to experiment with grille styles.

Tudor Homes

Tudor homes are known for their building accents, like gables and interesting rooflines. These homes are often characterized by brick, stucco, and even exposed timber.
Often homeowners choose diamond grilles for their Tudors—either over the entire window or just part of the window.

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