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What are the Size Requirements for Basement Windows in a Bedroom?

What are the Size Requirements for Basement Windows in a Bedroom?

When homeowners are looking to sell their house, it is important to make sure that the number of bedrooms in the home is accurate. This is because the more bedrooms a home has, the more value the house carries. For those with a basement, it is important for everyone to understand that the rules and regulations surrounding what can and cannot be considered a bedroom are different in the basement than in other areas of the home. In particular, a basement bedroom requires a larger window than other bedrooms in the home.

Why is a Window Important?

While bedrooms require windows simply for the ability to see outside, these become even more important in a basement for escape purposes. These windows are referred to as egress windows. While not all basements are going to require a window, they will certainly require a window in order to be considered a legal bedroom. In the event of a fire, the door to the basement could be blocked by the flames. Because the basement is underground, another door might not be possible. This makes the egress window important for safety purposes.

What are the Requirements for Basement Windows?

Anyone who wants to have a basement in their home needs to make sure it meets fire code regulations. One of these regulations is to have a legal egress window. This window is in place to allow people in and out of the basement in the event of a fire. An egress window must meet certain requirements, including:

  • The bottom of the window must be within 44 inches of the floor. This is important for ensuring that everyone can reach the window if necessary to escape.
  • The opening of the window should be at least 20 inches in width by 24 inches in height. The larger the opening, the easier it will be for people to fit through if they need to escape.

What are the Requirements for Basement Windows in a Bedroom?

While an egress window meets fire code regulations, it is not enough to allow classification of a basement as a bedroom. In order to classify a basement as an extra bedroom, there are several additional requirements that must be met.

  • The opening of the window itself will need to be at least 5.7 square feet. Most people will elect to go with a window of six square feet to be safe.
  • The window should be at least 36 inches wide.
  • The window well should be no more than 44 inches off of the floor.

Anyone looking to sell their home should make sure that they maximize the value of their home by ensuring that their basement meets the requirements of a legal bedroom.

Why do Basements have Fire Code Regulations?

Egress windows are important because they help basements meet the fire codes regulations. These regulations are put in place for safety purposes. Over time, the house fires have been studied extensively by researchers. Their outcomes have been analyzed from a number of different directions. Research has determined that certain regulations in the fire codes today can help minimize the chance of injury or death in the event of a fire. One of these regulations surrounds the idea of an egress window. Having an egress window can allow people trapped inside to escape while also allowing firefighters from outside into the building to rescue residents and fight the fire. Among the fire code regulations requiring an egress window are regulations governing where sprinklers are required, where carbon monoxide alarms are required, and the rules surrounding access to doors and staircases.

Choose Utah’s Experienced Contractors at Advanced Window Products

For those who are looking to place their home on the market, it is important to hire a contractor with knowledge regarding the rules and regulations of basements bedrooms. Advanced Window Products in Utah has the expertise and experience necessary to install a window that both meets the fire code regulations and will allow the basement to be classified as an extra bedroom. Call Advanced Windows today to learn more about how adding or improving a basement window can add value to any home.

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