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Windows that are poorly secured, weakened by wear, or are excessively accessible can increase risks to home security and occupant safety. Such security and safety concerns should be resolved before any problems occur.

There are multiple simple solutions to strengthen the security and safety of your home's windows.  If you're in need of replacing your current windows in Utah, contact Advanced Window Products today. We provide top quality products at an affordable price.

Below is information to help you make an informed assessment of the degree of usefulness your existing windows provide for the security and safety in your home.


11 Window Safety and Security Tips:

1. Improve Window Functioning

Aged windows can present a security weakness. Windows that no longer function properly may provide easier access for someone to break into your home. And, improper function can prevent timely emergency exit by occupants or entry by emergency responders. Repair or replace windows that exhibit the following deficiencies:

  • Don't close properly
  • Don't open properly
  • Deteriorated frame
  • Thin glass
  • Inferior locks or no locks

2. Use Window Coverings

Uncovered windows offer your home's contents on display for interested criminals who may want to understand the layout of your home's interior. And, electronics, artworks, collectibles, antiques, and other valuables visible through your windows are especially attractive to thieves who may be choosing among houses in your neighborhood. To make your home less appealing to potential intruders:

  • Install drapes or blinds for privacy on all windows.
  • Install shutters for privacy protection. Install locks on shutters for an added barrier to entry.

3. Repair or Replace Weak Windows

Cracked or broken window glass, rotted wood frames or sills, or corroded metal frames can signal criminals that these are easy access points. Repair or replace windows, frames, or seals as needed to provide sufficient security.

4. Use Window Locks

Keep all windows closed and locked when they're not in use. Consider installing supplemental or enhanced locks to increase security. And, evaluate window types for their security benefits prior to installing new windows.

5. Upgrade Window Locks

Existing window locks can be replaced with enhanced locking systems. Modern sensor locks and electronic locks add a sophisticated layer of security to windows and other access points.

6. Secure Other Access Points

Secure all access points. Use the least vulnerable materials and designs for:

  • Glass panels or inserts bordering along entry doors.
  • Replace inferior grades of louvered windows.
  • Reduce openings of dog doors to the smallest size possible.
  • Add locks to dog doors for use while your dog is away with you.

7. Install Pry-Resistant Window Styles

On the first floor, consider one of the window types below. These are harder to pry open when locked. Also, consider using combinations of awning windows below or above picture windows for secure venting.

  • Casement Windows- This type of window does not allow the crank to be used from outside to open the window. So, an intruder cannot enter through the window, if it is locked.
  • Double-Hung Windows- The upper sash can be opened for ventilation, while the bottom sash remains closed and locked for safety. This window is ideal for small children's rooms.
  • Sliding Windows- The cam-action lock on single and double sliding windows is designed to keep the window pane from sliding, as desired. For enhanced security, you can also use a security bar between the frame and sliding sash to prevent opening the window from the outside.

8. Secure Basement Windows

Basement windows can be particularly challenging to security and safety efforts. To prevent intrusion and ensure proper egress in case of emergency, consider installing one of the following security coverings over basement windows. And, ensure that the bars or shutters are hinged and can be released from the inside.

  • Framed window bars
  • Decorative wrought iron shutters

9. Secure Windows Near Walkways

In exterior areas where walkways or other easy approaches are near windows, consider changing to stationary windows that do not open.

10. Use Break-Resistant Glass

Tempered glass is comparatively very strong, preventing easy breakage for fast entry. And, when it does break, it crumbles into little bits without sharp, dangerous edges. Tempered glass is ideal for safety use in:

  • Children's rooms
  • Deck and patio doors
  • Bathrooms (as may be required by building codes)

11. Ensure Emergency Access and Egress

Your local building code authority can help you ensure that your home meets egress requirements for bedroom window opening sizes and distances from the floor, for optimal usefulness as emergency exists in case of fire or other emergency. Window types which serve this purpose well include:

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