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Replacing windows during a renovation can be challenging if the window size is no longer manufactured. Custom replacement windows are the perfect solution, especially if you want to keep the original integrity of the home intact. Whether restoring an older vintage home or you want to upgrade non-traditional windows to energy efficient windows, Advanced Window Products, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, manufactures custom-built windows with the highest s materials and expert craftsmanship to the exact specifications of your home. Paired with professional installation by AAMA Certified Installation Masters, we can create windows custom made with significant savings and no middleman markup.

Advanced Window Products offers a customer satisfaction guarantee. Every window we install is made of the highest-grade glass and materials. Learn more about our replacement windows and replacement doors and get started with your custom window installation today.

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What are the Benefits of Custom Made Replacement Windows?

Aside from the energy savings and protection from solar radiation; there are many additional benefits of new custom-built replacement windows for your home or business, including:

  • Custom-build windows provide a quicker and easier installation due to fewer materials like sheetrock or new framing and molding. The precise measurements ensure your custom windows fit seamlessly into your window opening.
  • Preserve the integrity of older and historical homes with architecturally correct custom windows to maintain the structure's original character and avoid construction restrictions that may change the look and feel of your prestigious vintage home.
  • Noise reduction will greatly contribute to the comfort of living in an older home. Affordable replacement windows along with improved insulation will reduce outside noise pollution.
  • Our standard Low-E glass will protect your furnishings from fading over time. This specialized window coating reflects harmful ultraviolet light that can cause fading damage to furniture, curtains, drapes, rugs and flooring with prolonged exposure.
  •  Unique design options are virtually limitless to replicate an existing window or to feature a design of your own creation. Advanced Windows can customize your replacement windows to any shape and style.

Custom Window Style Options Available at Advanced Window Products

In addition to matching the shape of your windows, we offer a variety of styles. Our goal is to expand our selection to meet the needs of every homeowner. You can also change the style of some windows without detracting from the overall aesthetic of your home.

Here are some of the available styles to choose from:

If you need a unique design that other window replacement Utah companies could not match, give us a call today. We create custom windows for our neighbors in Salt Lake City every day.

Modernize Your Home With Custom Replacement Windows in Utah

Custom shaped window photo - Windows custom made UtahWhen you replace broken or damaged windows, you get crystal-clear modern windows with UV protection. UV protection lets in the beautiful sunlight but filters out the harmful ultraviolet rays to help safeguard your vision and health.

If you have to replace 10 or more windows, you get $2,000 off your final bill. We know it's not easy to run a household with the cost of maintenance rising every year. So, we pass on savings to our clients whenever possible.

Choose the top company for window replacement Utah residents trust. New window are easy to maintain and more resistant to changes in the weather. This is thanks to modern materials that do not pose a risk to your family's health. All installers at Advanced Window products are lead-safe certified and hold AAMA, NFRC, and Energy Star certifications. Let us help you build a safer home.

If your existing windows are made of thin glass or do not contain multiple layers, you may be surprised how quiet the house becomes after our custom window installation Salt Lake City residents rave about. Noise reduction is one of the major benefits of upgrading from damaged or defective windows to energy-efficient products we make and sell directly to our clients. With the same team handling everything from taking the order to installing the new windows, you receive a consistently high standard of customer care. Block out traffic noises and watch your home become the quiet haven you always dreamed about.

Increase the Value of Your Home with Custom Made Windows

You may think that replacing windows doesn't change the appearance of your home. However, custom replacement windows in the front of your home boost its curb appeal immediately. Fresh, clean glass and spruced up fittings draw the attention of passersby and will help your home sell more quickly if you decide to put it up for sale in the future.

Increase your equity with window replacement Utah homebuyers will notice immediately. When you hire Advanced Window Products to make and install a custom window, you're dealing with a green company committed to minimizing waste. We build products that look great and last. To show how much we stand behind our products, all our windows include a lifetime warranty.

Custom Replacement Windows Made for Utah's Demanding Climate

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) provides certified ratings based on performance criterion that varies by each distinct climate zone in the US. The State of Utah is located within the Northern climate zone, with the exception of Washington County, which is located in the South-Central climate zone. Advanced Windows provides the following ratings for windows manufactured here in the state of Utah:

  • The rate of heat transfer is called the U-factor. This determines how effective a window will stop the escape of heat from the interior of your home. The U-factor rating to look for if you live in Northern or Central Utah will be less than 0.27 for windows. Washington County residents require 0.30 or less.
  • Solar heat gain coefficient or SHGC provides consumers with a rating to show the increased thermal energy from solar radiation absorbed through the window. The SHGC performance rating for the Northern climate zone does not have requirements, but the SHGC rating for the South-Central climate zone should be at or below 0.25.

Advanced Window Products Offers Top-Rated Custom Made Windows in Utah!

We understand that a big part of a home's style is reflected by its windows, that's why we are happy to work with our customers to custom build every window to match the style and personality of your home. Advanced Window Products are Gephardt Approved with an A+ BBB rating; we are a part of Buy Local First Utah and support many local charities like Habitat for Humanity and Utah Make A Wish Foundation. Our company is committed to each and every customer to provide the highest-quality custom window products with a double warranty for lifetime coverage, superior professional installation, and industry-leading customer service.

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