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Replacement Windows VS New Construction Windows

Replacement Windows VS New Construction Windows

If the time has come to replace your windows, you may be understandably overwhelmed by the variety of available choices, and the unfamiliar terminology used in the window business confuses the issue further for many people. For instance, you may be struggling with the decision between replacement windows and new construction windows. Here’s what you need to know to make an informed choice on this subject.

What Are Replacement Windows?

The first step in understanding what replacement windows actually are is getting a firm handle on the industry terminology. Replacement windows are also referred to as retrofit windows or insert replacement windows. Replacement windows are typically installed into pre-existing homes and are designed so that it is not necessary to remove the exterior material surrounding the windows in order for them to be installed. There are two main types of replacement windows: block frame and flush fin.

  • Block frame windows are used when the original window frame is solid and intact, leaving only the sash to be replaced before the window is installed. This procedure is usually performed on existing homes that feature exterior siding made from brick or siding.
  • Flush fin windows, otherwise known as Z-bars, are used for windows featuring aluminum construction. They’re used on homes with stucco or masonry exteriors and have a flange designed to provide added stability to the window as well as conceal its existing frame.

The Advantages of Choosing Replacement Windows

Because having replacement windows installed does not entail the removal of exterior materials and the entire replacement of the frame, it’s a much faster option than choosing new construction windows. Installation costs are typically much lower as well, making it an ideal choice for homeowners seeking a quick weekend upgrade. Installation of replacement windows also involves minimal household disruption since the process is relatively quick and doesn’t involve removing and replacing any of the existing construction, so you and your family won’t have to worry about loss of peace and quiet in your home — it takes an average of one day for two people to install between 10-15 of these windows as opposed to five days for the installation of the same amount of new construction windows.

When to Choose Replacement Windows

Replacement windows offer homeowners an excellent choice for existing homes with intact window frames. They are also good options if you’re on a tight budget or need to get the job done as quickly as possible.

What Are New Construction Windows?

New construction windows are primarily used when you’ve built an addition to your home or in brand new construction. The installation of new construction windows involves the removal of exterior materials so that the contractor can access the studs. The window is then installed on the studs and the exterior material is replaced.

However, some homeowners opt for new construction windows over replacement windows in an existing home for a couple of different reasons.

When to Choose New Construction Windows

If the window frame or studs have experienced extensive damage, for instance, it makes little sense to have a replacement window installed. Also, if you’ve got a particular window shape or size in mind that’s a bit unusual, new construction windows are the way to go. it’s also a good option if you are replacing the exterior siding of your home.

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