Just when you thought you nailed it in choosing the right vinyl window in terms of size, shape, and design, you finally realize that it’s even a bigger challenge to choose the right color. Whether you are fitting new windows or updating existing ones, choosing the right color for your vinyl windows in Utah can be overwhelming. There are several options to choose from, and getting the right color is essential for your home’s overall appearance. Here are a few tips to help you when choosing colors for your vinyl windows:

Decide On What You Want to Achieve

Colors can be used to either enhance or disguise your windows. For beautiful windows that tone in effortlessly with the rest of the property, neutral colors like white, beige, taupe, grey, and black are the best option. If you own extraordinarily designed windows or an architecturally interesting home, choose colored frames that make a statement. For instance, light blue for houses by the sea and green for houses in a natural environment. In urban areas, try matching window frames to the color of your front door.

Existing Décor

Use dual-colored frames to blend in with both the interior and exterior décor of your home. For the outside, choose a natural look, but to add a contemporary touch to the inside, including some brilliant color. Since interior décor can be altered a lot, try matching the window frame colors to the exterior décor. For a traditional look, use colors that contrast the color of your walls, but for a modern look, you want something less busy; therefore, use colors that blend with the surrounding walls.

Consider Your Landscaping

Other than the décor, you want window frame colors that fit in with the surrounding environment. Choose colors that blend in effortlessly with your garden, including the flowers and the other green space surroundings. 

Take Inspiration from the Surrounding Properties

If you are still struggling with choosing colors for your vinyl windows, why not take a look around. Your exterior décor plays a huge role in your home’s street appeal, especially if you might consider selling your home someday. No matter where you live, there are houses in your neighborhood that match yours; whether in terms of design, style, materials, or size. This will help you decide what works and what doesn’t.


Windows perform several functions and provide light is one of the most crucial ones.  Poor lighting may force you to keep artificial lighting in the house throughout the day leading to high energy costs. If your windows are on the darker side of the house, consider lighter shades that will add brightness.

Factor in the Climate

If you live in dusty areas like near a freeway, choose colors that camouflage the dirt such as grey, tan, or silver. For hot sunny environments, choose lighter colors as they don’t absorb heat thus won’t fade quickly. But in cold environments, use dark colors to help absorb more heat.

Seek Help

Go through shelter magazines or browse online (sites like Pinterest and Houzz are good places to start) to find samples of what you might like. If you know of someone with a good eye for color, you can ask for their help. You can also hire professionals to help you out for a reasonable fee.

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