Deciding on the best window style for your home can be confusing. Your home’s architectural design, your plans to live in or sell the house, and your tastes and aesthetic vision for your property are all factors in choosing windows. From frame types, configurations, and colors to glass etching, to grille accessories, there are many exciting new window trends to inspire homeowners. Below are some current window design trends to help you broaden your range of ideas for aesthetic changes.

Here are some of today’s most popular window design elements you may wish to combine to create unique new replacement windows. From custom-shaped windows to standard windows with unique combinations of coloring, accessories, and treatments, the look and function of your windows in each room in your home can be designed to fit your design vision ideally. Since no two rooms are exactly the same, it makes sense that your windows are fashioned to fit your needs and preference for them.

Windows that Let In More Light

Installing larger and larger windows have been the trend over the past decade or so. Today, more than ever, homeowners choose designs featuring broad expanses of glass to bring the outdoors in and flood rooms with as much natural light as possible. Large bay windows and bow windows have become ever more popular. Larger casement windows are also increasingly chosen for the abundance of light and airflow they allow.

Double-hung windows remain among the most popular residential replacement window options. However, installing tilt & turn windows has been a growing trend over the past decade because of the versatility of the design. It combines superior ventilation benefits with the tilt feature for easy cleaning. Whether you choose a rich wood stain or a high-gloss finish, either of these stunning window styles will elevate the aesthetic of any room and the exterior of your home.

Using Rich Colors on Window Frames

Using window frames (and door frames) to add pops of color to home exteriors in renovation projects is a widely-used customization practice among today’s top remodeling designers. Vinyl window frames manufactured for you in rich colors require much less frequent and laborious maintenance than painted wood windows demand. Lively window colors are used to help homes stand out with exceptional curb appeal and to preserve window framing for many years.

Black Windows for Timeless Style

Much of the classic appeal of stylish black windows is the unique, sleek aesthetic they offer, but also their great versatility. Black windows suit the countless interior and exterior architectural designs, interior decorating styles, and color pallets. From the most rustic rural to the most ultra-modern aesthetics, black windows can add up to 15% more value than regular white windows!

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows continue to increase in popularity. Today’s top-quality vinyl windows are highly durable structural components engineered with high-grade uPVC vinyl for long-term durability. This state-of-the-art material provides maximum energy efficiency and is the easiest of any window framing to maintain. Vinyl replacement windows come in a wide range of beautiful smooth frame colors or with very natural-looking wood grain textures and finishes.

Accessorizing Windows to Boost Aesthetics

Adding design details to windows can transform the finished look of the window, and the whole room, and the entire exterior appearance of the home. In addition to the window frame color, the finishes on the hardware, including the handles, hinges, latches, levers, etc. together create a unique design statement. Etched patterns in the glass bring incomparable flair, and custom decorative grilles can add a unique personality and great beauty to otherwise plain windows.

Energy Efficient Windows

Heating and cooling energy loss through windows is the most significant contributor to unnecessary waste of energy in homes. So, it’s not surprising that the biggest of all residential window trends today is energy-efficient units. Windows of various styles can be manufactured with double-pane glass, which makes the highest performing models. Argon gas-filled windows with low-E glass are today’s premier energy-efficient windows.

Evolving Trends in Window Designs

Beyond window customization, you might consider adding window accessories like glass etching or decorative grilles. Also, think about the blinds, shutters, drapery, or other window treatments you want to use to polish off your finished look for each window throughout your home.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing replacement windows for your home. Windows are the most prominent feature on the exterior of your home. So, poor window designs can make or break your curb appeal.

If you need guidance on creating a stunning, cohesive window schema for your home, you should reach out for help. You’ll receive a wealth of beautiful window design ideas from our residential window design experts.

Why Choose Advanced Window Products?

Above are some of the biggest current trends in window designs to give you an expanded view of your options in practical and aesthetically beautiful window alternatives. Advanced Window Products is Utah’s leading manufacturer of stylish energy-efficient windows. We use top-grade materials and engineering processes in our beautiful, high-performance residential windows. Plus, our factory-trained, certified installers provide among the best installation workmanship in the industry.

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