The color of the exterior of your house will make your first impression amongst your neighbors. Decorating the inside of the house is important for your own well-being, but the exterior of the house reflects your personality to the rest of the world and is your opportunity to make your home appear inviting. Vinyl siding is the base of the exterior color of your home so you must choose your colors wisely.

1- Choose Neutral Colors

Although expressing yourself is an important part of decorating a home, vinyl siding that stands out too much from the other homes will just be awkward. Unless other homes in the neighborhood are using vibrant colors, gray or beige vinyl siding would be safe choices.

2- Get Opinions From the Outside

Instead of taking wild guesses or asking overly sensitive family members, turn to the professionals who will give you the truth about your vinyl siding color choices. You may ask your contractors or decorators for color recommendations.

3- The Colors Should Complement the Rest of the House 

You need to think about how your new vinyl siding color will match the doors, the windows, the garage, and other objects on the exterior of the house.

4- Match the Architecture of Your Home

Homes that have certain themes will be fitting to use certain colors and not so fitting with others. Colonial homes, for example, usually do well with a solid color all around.

5- The Size of Your House May Matter 

Dark colors make your home stand out so it can be overpowering for big houses yet just right for small houses. If you wish to blend in your large house within the neighborhood, light vinyl siding colors are a good way to divert attention.

6- Different Colors Work Well for Certain Climates

Certain colors may look good in cool climates while they may not look so good in tropical climates. Keep in mind that increased sunlight will exaggerate bright colors and also heat up dark colors.

7- Some Color Combinations Shouldn't Ever Be Used

Light blue vinyl siding with white is a good example of an appropriate color combination. Dark blue with black is something that should never go together (unless everybody else in the neighborhood is doing it).

8- Older Homes Deserve Historical Accuracy 

If you purchased a really old home that has an interesting history, you should also try to restore it to its original color. It would be best to hire an expert vinyl siding contractor to analyze the home to determine which colors to choose.

9- Try to Match the Landscape

Certain landscapes and lawns may allow you to use different colors. A beach-side property may need something like a light blue colored vinyl siding. Lots of trees may invite more earthy greens or browns.

10- Factor in the Color of Your Roof

Different roofing materials, like clay or metal, will have different colors. You should factor in these colors to determine if the color your vinyl siding is harmonious with your roof.

11- Certain Colors Will Reflect Cleanliness

Bright colors like white will make the house look fresh and clean in comparison to brown or dark yellow. This should especially be considered if you are looking to resell the house.

12- Design Software Can Help You Visualize Your New Vinyl Siding 

Nowadays, many design companies use software to simulate what the outside of your house will look like with different styles of vinyl siding. You now have the opportunity to visualize the right color before diving in and making a mistake.

Beautiful Colored Vinyl Siding in Utah from Advanced Window Products

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