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The Anatomy of an Energy Efficient Window

The Anatomy of an Energy Efficient Window

Breaking Down the Different Window Components

A window does more than bring in sunlight; it also helps control the energy efficiency of a home. Each component of the window determines the functionality and efficiency of the window. These are the basics of components of a home window.

High Efficiency Window Glass

energy efficient window glass

The glass in the window is the most fragile component, but the structure of the glass determines the insulation against the elements along with the clarity. We offer three main types of glass coatings for proper window fitting.

The LoE-366 has three layers of silver within the glass. It prevents discoloration of fabrics within a direct line of the window by keeping 95 percent of harmful UV rays from entering a home through the window. The LoE-366 also keeps humidity levels at a comfortable range.

We also have the LoE-i81 for double pane windows. This glass coating works well in homes that focus on solar energy and are energy efficient, as well as south-facing windows. The coating is thin enough to allow for a clear view.

The LoE2-270 is one of our most versatile glass coatings. We offer the glass in air and argon fill. The air fill maintains a temperature of 49 degrees F and 58 degrees F when the outside temperatures fall between -20 degrees F and 20 degrees F. The argon fill maintains warmer levels between 52 degrees F and 60 degrees F.


Window Frame Material

window frame material - wood window vinyl window

We offer windows in only the most durable of frame materials. Vinyl frames use a synthetic plastic material (PVC) to prevent UV penetration while holding the glass in place. Vinyl makes for easy cleaning and upkeep, and there is no need to paint the frame.

Metal and wood frames tend to need extra insulation. The structure is very basic, and it gaps between the frame and the wall need caulk or another material. These frames are more affordable and basic for easy installation.

Composite material is mix of materials usually involving laminate and other plastics. These retain their structure and hold up against the elements better than wood or metal frames.



Window Hardware

window hardware

In order to make the window open and adjust, a range of window hardware exists. Hinges, pivots and pulls enable a section of the window to raise halfway or slide from one side. We even offer windows with the hinge capability to push out for a larger breeze and an easy way to save on energy costs.







Window Grid Styles

window grid styles

The grid style is the pattern of the window. Grids divide the window with a mounting or typically synthetic material of some kind. Colonial windows have traditional, even grid patterns. Prairie grids are along the outer area of the glass, which does not obstruct the view from the center of the glass. Craftsman windows have longer grids, typically just one separating grid that produces two squares on the top part of the window. Cottage grids have two separate panes and often include a valance.





Window Screens

The screen acts as a filter for the window, keeping bugs and debris out of the home. The two types of materials include fiberglass and aluminum. The aluminum screen uses wire to create a tight pattern that prevents any particle larger than the gap from entering. It comes in different colors, and customizers can paint the screen for a unique color. Aluminum screens are very durable and stand up to the elements.

Fiberglass screens come in many different models. Some of the screens offer extra solar protection to reduce ultraviolet rays in the home. Fiberglass screens typically come in a mesh material. This is not as durable as aluminum, but it is more affordable.

replacement window coupon special

The components of the window, from the glass to the frame, determine the quality and use of the window. At Advanced Window Products, we pride ourselves in offering quality window products. We only select materials that we know will create an energy-efficiency in styles that flatter individual homes.

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