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Sliding Glass Memories

Sliding Glass Memories

Owning a second home can be a springboard for family fun, but what about their upkeep? Listen to one customer talk about her family cabin and how Advanced Window Products not only helped repair the windows, but will help make memory making more comfortable for years to come.

“There is a place up in the mountains tucked in a valley of lush green grasses, aspens and pines. This is the land of my fathers. Six generations have been coming here and when I visit I feel like I have come home. One of my greatest joys is to share with my own children the trails, the vistas and the adventures that only unfold to nature’s imagination.

Included in the history of this beautiful place are oral stories of our family. There are tales of hiking across mountain ranges; we share stories of little kids collecting vast amounts of slimy amphibians that they kept in the bathtub until Great Aunt Beth discovered their whereabouts; and we laugh from the lore about Uncle Ted falling asleep in the outhouse when he was a kid, which caused a frenzy across the valley to find the family’s missing son.

For me, the family cabin represents connection to the earth, and appreciation for my heritage. For my children, the family cabin represents an enormous portal into nature.

Advanced Window Products Replaces Cabin Windows

With hundreds of snowfall inches and harsh cold temperatures in the winter, followed by intense heat in the the summer, there is a lot of natural wear and tear on the property. For nearly 30 years this building has stood tucked right above the Weber River, in a forest of aspens and pines, overlooking a vast grassland valley. It is breathtaking, but starting to wear. One of the challenges in particular are the windows. A few of the glass panes have broken, requiring replacement windows. Many of the original windows were not installed properly, causing an oven baking effect during the warm summer months as western sun slides down the panoramic mountain view.

Advanced Window Products Replaces Second Home Windows

Advanced Window Products sent a member of their team up to our cabin to measure for the project. The new vinyl windows seamlessly integrate into the natural wood atmosphere, both inside and outside the cabin. The vinyl is a warm, natural beige color. What I love most about these new windows, is that it is so easy to open the side window to let a heaven sent breeze flow throughout the cabin. Similar to the scent of Salt Lake City after a rain storm, being tucked into nature smells clean, fresh, and alive.

I appreciate Advanced Window Products taking the extra effort to care for my family cabin. Behind the scenes, caring for a second property can be a lot of work. The payoff to the maintenance is creating lasting memories for generations to come. If you have a second property that is used for recreation like a cabin, condo or home; or if you own rental properties that require updates and maintenance, call Advanced Windows Products for all of your replacement window needs.“ – Sarah, Draper, Utah

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