A new patio door can make a big difference in your home’s overall appearance. Whether you’re updating an existing door or choosing a door for a brand new patio, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from. Before making your decision, consider the benefits that a sliding glass door offers for your Utah home.

1. Better Light and Visibility

Sliding doors with large panes of glass let in much more light, making your home brighter. The added light also makes your home feel more open and spacious. In addition, the glass gives you a convenient way to keep an eye on kids or pets when they’re outdoors. It also provides you with more scenic views of your yard.

2. Sliding Doors Help You Save Space

When you have limited room, sliding doors offer a way to save space. Since these doors don’t need to swing open, you don’t have to make sure the area around them is clear.

3. Sliding Doors Keep the Noise Out

Sounds from outdoors, such as lawn mowers, can make your home a noisy one. Sliding glass doors can help reduce the amount of noise you hear from outside. Doors made with certain types of high performance glass transmit less noise than regular doors, leaving you with a quieter home.

4. Sliding Doors Are Energy Efficient

Sliding Glass Door- Advanced Window ProductsSliding patio doors that contain high performance glass can also make your home more energy efficient, leading to lower energy bills all year round. This type of glass helps keep heated air inside when it’s cold out and cool air inside when it’s hot out. We offer high performance glass with energy efficient features, such as the following:

We also have patio door frames that are weather-tight and able to improve your home’s efficiency even more.

5. Sliding Doors Increase Aesthetic Appeal

If you're concerned about how sliding glass doors would look on your home, keep in mind that you can choose doors that match its architectural style. We offer sliding patio doors in wood or vinyl, so you can easily find a style that complements the surrounding exterior.

6. Sliding Doors Are Easy To Maintain

One of the biggest advantages of sliding glass doors is that they’re low maintenance. Once these doors are installed on a track system, all you have to do is keep the glass clean. Our patio doors even come with maintenance-free frames for added convenience. These frames are resistant to sun damage, so you can count on them keeping their original appearance for years to come.

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Whether you need a new patio door that gives you more room in your home or a door that gives you great views of the outdoors, sliding glass doors are the ideal solution. We are a locally owned and operated business, that offers 0% financing on our doors and installation services. We're committed to protecting the environment, so you'll find that we have a wide selection of eco-friendly products.

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