This winter, have you found yourself shivering, piling on extra sweaters, and wondering where all that cold air is coming from? If your heating system is working overtime, your home may have drafts. When cold air leaks in through windows, doors, and other openings, your home will feel less cozy, and your heating bill will skyrocket. Stop the shivers and deal with drafts by inspecting your home and scheduling a window repair or window installation service to stop air leaks. A cold, drafty house can be miserable, so read on for a few ways to deal with drafts this winter.

Inspect Your Windows

The most important step in stopping drafts is checking your windows. According to the Department of Energy, winter heat loss and summer heat gain through windows is responsible for up to 30% of home heating and cooling energy usage. Windows have a significant impact on your comfort and energy bill, so it pays to ensure they are draft-free. If your windows are in good condition but have a few drafty spots, a window repair, including using caulk to seal up small cracks between the window and wall, may be possible. If it’s time to upgrade to energy-efficient windows, consider vinyl windows. Vinyl windows are often the best replacement windows because they are more economical than their wood counterparts, and they provide an air-tight seal that wood options can’t match.

Check Pet Doors

Your furry friends need frequent potty breaks and to play outside, even during chilly weather. But, pet doors are a prime spot for drafts. To keep the cold air out, start by checking that the pet door flap is in good condition and closes well. If you notice air leaks, it may be time to upgrade to a new, energy-efficient insulated pet door that uses magnetic strips to ensure a draft-free closure.

Check Weather Stripping Around Doors

Weatherstripping creates a tight seal between a door and wall. Over time, sun, rain, and other elements can break down weatherstripping, leaving you with pesky drafts. If you feel cool air or see sunlight, it is time to replace the weatherstripping around your door. In many cases, this is an easy DIY project that involves peeling or scraping away the old weatherstripping and installing a new version.

Use a Door Sweep

While you are checking and replacing weatherstripping, consider adding a new door sweep. A new door sweep may be the answer if you have air entering where the door meets the threshold. Installing a rubber or plastic sweep to the bottom of the door is another easy DIY project. But if you want an even simpler option, try a draft snake. A fabric tube filled with batting or rice is a low-tech option that is surprisingly effective. Just snug the draft snake against the door to cut drafts. In a pinch, a rolled towel will also do the trick.

Contact the Best Home Window Replacement Team in Utah

If drafts drive your heating bill up and leave you shivering, it’s time to stop them in their tracks. By inspecting your home for drafts, tackling a few maintenance projects, and installing energy-efficient windows, you can create a cozy home without overspending on heating.

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