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Zenith International Charity (ZIC)

Zenith International Charity (ZIC)

Your New Windows Help Make Wishes Come True

Advanced Window Products is excited to partner with Zenith International Charity (ZIC) to help bring clean water to the people of Ghana

Advanced Window Products is excited to partner with Zenith International Charity (ZIC) to help bring clean water to the people of Ghana. The mission is to help Ghanaians become more independent, to help empower local communities and people so that they can help themselves to take the first steps out of poverty.
The first project ZIC wants to tackle in Ghana is to build a water well in the village of Ekorso. This decision is due to Ghana’s substantial lack of clean water to the region. Just how bad is the situation in Ghana? Take a look:  • 22.2 million have no sanitation services• 3.4 million people die each year from
water related disease

• Lack of clean water kills children at
a rate equivalent to a jumbo jet
crashing every 4 hours

*Statistics source

ZIC works with community leaders to build the well and teach them how to manage it. Advanced Window Products contributes by providing some much needed funding. This single well will supply the entire city with water. The water well then becomes the villages’ project and responsibility. ZIC knows that the people of Ghana are more than capable of handling the well. “The people we work with have an equal amount of ability and intelligence as we; they have just been deprived of opportunity and resources,” says Nick Orchard.

Not only will this water well supply much needed water to an entire village and surrounding cities, but it will also help generate a small revenue. The money earned from the water well will be used for any needed future repairs to the water well, and any additional money will be paid back to ZIC to implement the same project in another village in need. 100% of the money earned will stay in Ghana. Village leaders will take a role in decision making and development of the well. ZIC will support efforts of local leaders and establish the groundwork for their vision of the future. Those involved in building the well say it has been a fulfilling and life-altering experience.

We are grateful to those who support Advanced Window Products, and in turn we are able to be contribute to charities locally and underprivileged areas all over the world. For more information on how you can donate or volunteer, please visit


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