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Windows Bold Enough To Knock Out Antarctic’s Cold

Posted on: March 13th, 2014 by sjohnson97 { 3,146 Comments }


2012-12-03 18.09.33While Utah’s winter is coming to a close, there are some locations around the world that face daily torrents of wind and cold. Notoriously frozen, the world’s coldest location is Antarctica. The lowest recorded temperature at a station was −128.6 °F in 1983. What is the highest temperature recorded, you ask. It was a balmy 25°F at the South Pole in 2011.

This simple blue building is an Antarctic station. Those small glass portals to the crystallized desert are made by none other than Advanced Window Products.


We can’t offer much more proof of the sustaining power of our high performance glass and multichambered vinyl frames which are scientifically engineered to keep heat in and cold out than this simple case study. Buttoned up, sealed up, and warmed up….inside your dwelling, whether on the Wasatch Front, or on the winter underbelly of the Earth’s surface. Call today to get a free quote for your windows.