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Window Wonder

Window Wonder

Have you started spring sprucing up? Most of our regular readers know that at Advanced Window Products we focus solely on window replacement. If you have seen our before and after photos, you can vouch when we say that a window upgrade provides a huge visual improvement to any home. However, taking time to upgrade the decor of your window treatment can add an element of flair and personal taste to your personal space. Here are five great ideas for window treatments. The great thing about window treatments is that there are so many different styles, fabrics, and colors that you can use to accentuate who you are.

When deciding what details you want to implement in your space first decide what feeling you want to portray. Is this a space for personal reflection and unwinding, or is it a family space, where the family will gather daily? The tone of your space will dramatically be influenced by the decor, so take a moment to envision the space.

You can be a do-it-yourself designer and come up with great success, or your can hire a designer, who has a trained eye to take your personality and style and translate that into  the design of your space. Either way, be creative and have fun!

Patio DecorLots of color! Lot’s of layers!

This is a great example of a patio set up, however the concept of layering colorful fabrics for a window treatment can be very inviting and welcoming for your space. In this instance, the treatments are designed to be pulled back for an open space, and can easily be drawn for privacy.

Accentuating CurtainsElegant Living

This is a beautiful example of a floor to ceiling window wall. In addition to presenting a unique architectural flair with the arched windows, the draperies help draw your eye up, enhancing the height of the room. Neutral colors accentuate the livability of the room, providing a simple canvas for other elements such as furniture, and pictures.

Bright Color Brightens the RoomBright Light

Walk into sunshine by using bright colors on your window treatments. This room epitomizes a happy, bright space. With elements of simplicity through out the room, these window treatments highlight the other happy elements in this sitting room. You can draw on the colors in your room, from a piece of furniture, a piece of pottery, or a hanging picture to pick your drapery color.

Stenciled Window CoveringsStencil in Your Covering

This is a great idea for your windows! Stenciling is a creative approach that allows light in, and maintains a bit of privacy. The same effect could also be achieved with custom crafted vinyl, or with an acrylic frosting varnish or an acrylic paint.

Floor to Ceiling DrapesFloor to ceiling drapes

Floor to ceiling drapes are a great way to draw the eye upward in any room. The unique feature of this window treatment is that it is one seamless covering for the entire window wall, perfect for a nook, or a breakfast room.

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