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Window Wall

Posted on: May 31st, 2013 by sjohnson97 { 3,868 Comments }


This is a beautiful photograph taken by William Waldron, showcasing the design of Muriel Brandolini for Elle Decor. While this is not a window wall created by us, it is a fabulous example of how a window wall call be a frame to the outside world.


Window Wall - Photo by William Waldron


Several years ago I came across a similar set up in South Jordan, Utah. The home was designed to showcase a large family/living area in the back of the house, ideal for empty-nesters who didn’t need all the bedrooms, but who entertained their children and grandchildren frequently. Their living area had many comfortable couches and a spacious kitchen. What I loved most was the enormous back wall window. This family lived directly behind the South Jordan Temple. Their window wall opened up to see the white edifice, almost like a gigantic picture frame.

While the easiest way to create a window wall is in the initial building phase of a home, the same effect can be created with some delicate planning and a great vision for opening up the natural wonders of the world into your home.