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When you decide to upgrade your windows or doors at Advanced Window Products, your purchase comes with a lifetime warranty. We offer the products and the service you need to pick the right window replacement for your home. All of our installers are lead-safe certified, and Energy Star Certified. 

Stop by our showroom to see the large variety of replacement vinyl windows and doors or to get a free estimate.

Why Choose Advanced Window Products?

  • No Payment & No Interest for 24 months with Approved Credit
  • Cut out middleman mark-up by buying factory direct
  • Energy-efficient Windows and Doors
  • Lead-safe installation practices
  • Double Lifetime Warranty


Signs Your Windows Need To Be Replaced

  1. Some people don’t consider the excessive noise that poor windows can allow into your house when they begin to fail. That is because that change in outside noises may happen slowly. Perhaps you only notice the extra noise your windows allow into your home after you’ve been at a friend’s home, and you realized the outside stays outside at their house. We can help you achieve better noise control with our window replacement options.
  2. Windows that are difficult to open or close may be failing, or they at least may need to be repaired. The issues with opening and closing may be related to improper installation, or your windows may be rotting or allowing moisture where it should be, causing swelling. Not only is it inconvenient when you struggle to raise or lower your windows, but it can also be a safety issue if you cannot lock your windows.
  3. What does condensation or frost between the layers of glass on double glass panes indicate? The seals on your windows have failed, and when that happens, air can get into the space between the panes and your windows are not as energy efficient as they should be.
  4. Have you ever felt a draft of air, even when your windows are closed? This can be another issue with poor installation, seals turning bad, or similar issues indicating window replacement services may be needed. No matter the underlying cause, the result is that you will have to spend more money running your HVAC, whether in the cold or the heat, because no matter what is happening outside, some of that is moving into your home.
  5. For many, the most obvious sign that you need to replace your windows is a high energy bill. Even if you can’t feel a draft, or you don’t see frost between the window panes, your windows may be inefficient, and if so, some estimate that you could be paying from 10% to 25% more in energy costs. Window replacement costs can be offset in just a few years if your current windows are wasting too much on energy because you have bad windows.

Styles of Replacement Windows

Our windows also come in a number of different styles, including;

Styles of Replacement Doors

When you are looking to install replacement doors, rely on our doors to stand up to the test of time! We will find doors that work for you!


Have you noticed that you hear more about what is happening on the streets or even know more about your neighbors than you want to know? Do you turn your HVAC on in the spring or fall instead of fighting to raise your windows? These are just two indications that you may need to consider window replacement services, the place for vinyl window replacement in South Jordan, Utah is Advanced Window Products.


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