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Window Maintenance

Window Maintenance

If the eyes are indeed the windows into the soul as they say, then windows are the eyes into why your power bills are so high this summer.  You have probably noticed, as you move through your home, that parts of the house feels like you are walking through the frozen foods section of your local supermarket, while other areas feel as if you are standing too close to the bonfire at the beach.  Meanwhile, your poor air conditioning struggles to keep up with the rising temperature outside, and the power bill races to keep apace with your air conditioner.  Bearing in mind that windows are little more than big holes in the energy efficiency of a structure, now is probably a good time to give window maintenance some thought.

Importance of Home Window Maintenance…

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, private residences accounted for 17% of the United State’s power usage in 2007.  The authors of the report pointed out that the ageing nature of many of these structures undoubtedly was a factor in this percentage, and recommended remedies to plug the outflow of energy and household cash flow.  Figuring prominently in measures designed to staunch this flow, are recommendations for assuring that your window systems remain in tip-top shape.

Windows, particularly wooden ones that absorb moisture, are subject to warping as they age.  This warping process has the effect of tightening up some sections of the window while loosening others.  This allows for the egress of the air that they are paying to cool or heat, while providing an opening for cold outside air to get in.

As a home owner, you encouraged to examine the window, and if you notice a gap between the glass and the sill, then it might be time to replace your home’s windows.  Additionally, attention should be paid to the sashes and frames of the window that may have come loose as this is also a potential entry point for air to pierce the glass.

Home window maintenance is a key ingredient to lowering energy costs and maintaining the value of your home.  Again, as they say, “the eyes are the window into the soul,” and in the window game, “your windows are the eyes into the condition of your energy efficiency.”

Call for Free Estimate…

Replacing your windows is one of the main ways to maintain the value of your home, and critical to keeping your wallet out in front of your energy bills.  When it’s time to make that big replacement, you need to call our expert team of quality installers at Advanced Window Products for a free no obligation estimate.  Now is the time to claim back your home’s energy efficiency with new windows from Advanced Window Products.

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