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Window Designs

Window Designs

The style of your windows says a lot about your home. The perfect windows can completely change the way a room looks. Look into the different designs before choosing one that works for you.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are one of the best ways to add light to your front room. They require a major remodel to install, but it will add an extra space to your home. If you have a great view from your home, adding a bay window will only make it better. Allow for natural light to come into your home, brightening any room.

Dormer windows

These windows project vertically from a sloping roof. They are popular with older style houses, and are the perfect touch to a large boring roof. These windows can be for pure aesthetic reasons, and will add a balance to the exterior of your home.

With the addition of dormer windows, you will have more light in your home. These can almost function as skylights from their position on the roof. When you install these windows, it will add a distinct look for your home.

Clerestory windows

Clerestory windows are usually only used on homes with multiple stories. They are set below one roof, and above another. They have many functions, including those that are aesthetic and those that are practical.

These windows define rooflines, highlight architectural points of your home, add more light to the room, maintain your privacy, and offer great views. For large windows with many advantages, invest in clerestory windows.

Window walls

Having a sunroom inside your home can be the perfect place to rest, read a book, or just enjoy the view. Although a room with window walls may be much hotter than the rest of your home during the summer, you won’t regret the views it will bring, or the natural light it will allow.

Choosing the right windows for your home is important. Whether you are looking to build a new home, or just upgrading your current house, look into the best window designs. Choose the options that bring the most light, and fit the style of your home.

By Cassie Costner

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