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Window Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Window Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Keeping our windows clean may seem like a huge chore, but if taken care of on a regular basis, it can be much easier to handle. Besides regular checking and rinsing off depending on how dirty they get, it is important to give your windows a good cleaning at least twice a year.

The best methods

There are many different ways to clean your window. To get the best results, experiment with these methods:Window Cleaning

• Use a squeegee with a long handle. This will not only help you reach the highest windows in your home, but will thoroughly clean them, and prevent streaks
• Identify streaks by washing either the inside or the outside of the window with vertical strokes, and the other with horizontal. This will help you find which side the streaks are coming from, and fix the problem.
• Avoid cleaning on days that are exceptionally bright. The sun will dry the solution before you are ready, leaving a residue you don’t want on the surface.
• Wash the windows starting at the bottom and moving your way up. This will stop drips before they have a chance to settle.

By using these tips, your windows will be free of streaks, and stay clean for longer than before.

Homemade recipes

Homemade Cleaning ProductsInvesting in the right cleaning material is important. Some of the best solutions can be made in the home. To create your own window cleaning product combine:

• Ammonia or vinegar
• Rubbing alcohol
• Dishwashing detergent

Mix these ingredients with water and add to a spray bottle. These contents will work just as well if not better than even the top brands of cleaning supplies.

Keeping your windows clean is important. To guarantee your windows will continue shining for years to come, clean them on a regular basis, and consulted with the best window installation company to find the windows that best suit your needs.

By Cassie Costner

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