If your house could talk to you there would be many things it would convey that need your attention, us older homes especially. Let me tell you a bit about what’s top of my list to be inspected. The more attentive you are to my needs, the less money I’ll cost over time, and the longer I’ll be around for you. The Roof  The roof is my first line of defense for you against the outside elements. Remember that snow storm last winter that left me holding about a foot of snow up for about a week? I do. My rain gutters are still hanging by a thread from the weight. But we’ll get to that later.   In general, a roof should last at least ten years, but there are some additional problems that should be looked for before ruling out the idea of a new roof before that time is up. Make sure all my shingles are intact, and there aren’t any loose materials hanging around near the chimney.   To ensure my roof is being taken care of properly, look inside for signs of water damage or leaking. In many cases it is easier and cheaper to reroof the whole thing at once rather than doing part at one time and the rest a couple years down the road.  

The Siding

  Sure I’m built to withstand the winds, blistering sun, rain, snow, and even hail storms that Utah’s weather brings, but that doesn’t mean I’m invincible! Take care of my siding whether it is brick, vinyl, or stucco. If you are looking to keep me safe at the lowest cost, update my vinyl siding.   In the 60s, vinyl was developed as a siding for homes. Since that time it has become the number one choice for its durability, low maintenance, and endless choices. Even so, sometimes the vinyl needs to be replaced, along with the insulation protecting it. I don’t need this done too often, but when I do, it’s nice to try on a new color of vinyl every once in a while. I really think it brings out my windows.  


  home 2 Speaking of windows, you might not realize it, but maintaining, and sometimes replacing them can really make a difference in your gas bill in the winter and the electric bill in the summer. The caulking around the edges of the window can become worn from weather, sprinklers, and just getting older. That’s why it is important to do a thorough inspection of the windows every spring and fall to make sure they are still in good shape.   When you’re an older home like me, our original windows aren’t as durable as some of the options available today. I’m ready to upgrade to a stronger, more energy efficient window whenever you are. Plus I wouldn’t mind switching styles to either Liberty windows or Grandview windows. No pressure though.   I do my best to take care of you every day, help keep me running so I can continue doing so. Watch out for the obvious signs that I’ve got a problem, and choose the best local replacement window company to fix my problems.   By +Cassie Costner