Warm edge spacers on windows do more than just separate the double glass panes of energy-efficient windows. Optimized thermal glass spacers significantly improve the energy efficiency of home windows, home comfort, and the life expectancy of windows. These revolutionary new components of today’s best energy efficient windows add an extra layer of insulative material to help stop heat loss. This means greater protection against drafts, energy loss, high heating and cooling costs, and improved preservation of high-performance windows for long-term durability.

What is a Warm-Edge Spacer?

A spacer is a bar strip of metal, plastic, or foam core used to separate glass panels and help seal argon, krypton, or other inert gasses between the panes of energy-efficient windows. Various types of sealing agents are used to bond spacers between the glass panes to create a tight seal around the space between the panels and prevent the insulative gas from escaping.

How Do Window Edge Spacers Work?

Traditional spacers for glass window panes were not designed to maximize the insulative efficiency of a window. Today's state-of-the-art warm edge spacers optimize energy efficiency by adding a number of new features to increase effectiveness.

Warm edge spacers are produced from material that conducts heat at a relatively lower rate than the standard spacers used in typical windows. The insulative effectiveness of the dead air space between glass panels is grossly compromised by low-quality generic spacers.

Alternatively, spacers that are engineered to be integral to the energy efficient properties of a window unit minimize thermal conduction along the sealed edges of the double pane window. That means much higher thermal efficiency, which means a more comfortable home and reduced energy costs.

Benefits of Warm Edge Window Glass Spacers

Conventional window glass panel spacers permit much more heating and cooling energy loss than warm edge spacers. The upgraded spacers in Advanced Window Products vinyl windows:

  • more efficiently block heat and cooling from escaping from the home interior.
  • reduce heat transfer from either side of the glass to the other side.
  • increase home comfort by maintaining a surface temperature on the inside glass panel that is closer to the interior temperature of the house.
  • eliminate drafts that blow into a home around the edges of window sashes.
  • reduce the potential for damaging moisture on window frames and walls from condensation around the interiors of windows.
  • Reduce the risk of mold growth due to moisture buildup around ineffective window seals.
  • Eliminate temperature transfer due to contact between glass panels and metal frames.

Low-E Coating and Argon Gas Fill Further Improve Efficiency

A high-tech, clear metallic, Low-E coating is applied to enhance the solar heat blocking effectiveness of energy-efficient glass windows and glass doors. Argon, krypton, or other harmless gasses are injected between double glass panes to slow the transfer of heat between the glass panels.

Advanced warm-edge panel spacers are used in conjunction with Low-E coating, insulative gas fill, optimized frame engineering, and expert installation workmanship. Combining these modern energy-efficiency features produces residential windows that deliver maximum performance as insulators and long-term durability.

Advanced Window Products for High-Tech Glass Spacers

Our industry-leading designs in energy-efficient residential replacement windows feature warm-edge spacer solutions for maximum thermal effectiveness. These are one of the multiple key engineering features that make Advanced windows one of today’s best investments in home improvement.

For top-quality energy-efficient replacement windows for your home, call Advanced Window Products at (801) 505-9622, or contact us here on our website today!

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