When it comes to picking design elements for your home, the frames of your windows are important for their impact on the looks of both the exterior and interior. If you're not satisfied with the look and feel of your window frames, Advanced Window Products can help you replace them with wood, a gorgeous and environmentally-friendly alternative.

Benefits of Wood Window Frames

The most obvious benefit of wood window frames is their endearing and timeless beauty that can mesh with nearly any home design and coloring. When stained and colored, the grooves of the wood shine through. Like vinyl or fiberglass windows, the frame can be customized to fit wherever you want to place a window. Wood is a suitable replacement for the frames of single-hung, double-hung, casement, or any other type of window. Purchasing wood window frames also provides a cash incentive for replanting and conservation efforts, and the process of growing the tree for the wood has a positive impact on the environment. As far as thermal conductivity goes, wood performs better than aluminum frames. Since the top-tier artificial materials are more expensive and the cheaper materials perform poorly, wood frames have an incredible cost-to-benefit ratio comparatively.

Best Kinds of Wood for Window Frames

The choice of wood used in your windows impacts the look, cost, and thermal efficiency of your window installation. There are two major branches of wood available: hardwoods and softwoods. The first, hardwoods, are produced from deciduous trees or those which have broad leaves that they shed when the weather turns cold. Softwoods, on the other hand, come from evergreen trees with needle-like leaves.


  • Oak is one of the most popular and recognizable wood varieties. Long bands of light and dark grooves stretch along the length of the lightly colored wood.
  • Walnut is an expensive wood choice, but the arching rings over a rich, deep coloring make it a favorite choice for special and cherished projects despite the cost.
  • Mahogany has a unique grain that appears almost random compared to the steady lines and curves of most other wood varieties. The grooves may break suddenly, shift direction, or disappear entirely without warning.
  • Cherry is cherished for its signature ruddy red hue. With a coat of dark staining, cherry wood frames can be a stunning accent to a cozy loft or warm living room.


  • Pine trees are a common sight across nearly every portion of the northern hemisphere. The bright yellow or tan wood marked with darker grooves and knots is used across the world in furniture and home building.
  • Juniper trees vary widely in shape and size, and the wood that comes from them features the same level of individuality.
  • Fir is similar to pine in coloring with slightly fewer knots and tighter, harder grain lines. It makes a great pick for when you need more durability but want to retain the same look.
  • Cedar brings joy to more than just the eyes thanks to its fresh and powerful scent.

Revitalize Your Home with Wooden Windows

Whether you are already in the middle of a remodel or are looking for an excuse to start a new home improvement project, Advanced Window Products can help you plan the perfect wooden frame for your windows. Everything from the type of wood to the type of window can be tailored to your personal tastes and the layout of your house. If you'd like to learn more about your available options, schedule an appointment, or receive a free quote, then call toll-free from anywhere at 1-800-246-9355 or leave a message through our website.

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