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The Windows In Time

The Windows In Time

Just this spring, I headed south with my family to partake in the open air breathing, natural world experience of Arches National Park, just minutes outside of Moab. With a play-by-play cd tour guide in the car, we embarked through the terrain to witness first hand the colossal and breathtaking arches, which dot the landscape, 2,000 to be exact.

About half way through the park is a land peninsula with a half dozen or so gigantic arches, all clustered together. There are fantastic walking paths around and through the heaven ascending bridges. The world’s most courageous plant life clings to the spring water holes, enjoying the chance at abundant hydration before summer’s squelching heat hits full force.

Well what does this little excursion to Southern Utah have to do with Advanced Window Products?

The crescendo to this outdoor adventure is a dueling pair of arches known as “Windows.” Glancing through their majestic stance, one can only grasp the millions of years it took to create the glorious view, but also to image the thousands of people who have had shared a bit of their life to enjoy the picture perfect creation. These architectural masterpieces last only moments in terms of the geological lifespan. Wind and rain, which first created them, continue to erode them away until they topple again into the earth.

Just as “Windows” in Arches National Park enjoy just a short limelight, the windows in your home capture life’s most precious moments, which too often seem fleeting.

Just imagine your home and all of the time, energy, challenges and opportunities it has taken to enjoy what you now have, not only materially, but financially, spiritually and emotionally. You have built a family and a life with those you love most. Just like the natural wonders at Arches, your time here is limited.

The windows to your home are the perfect frame to see your son’s 5th birthday party, the dancing lights of your Christmas tree, or the heavily drawn curtains after the loss of a loved one. Your home is sacred ground for the most joyfully tender and heart-wrenching moments of life; bringing home a brand new baby, escorting an elderly grandparent inside for Thanksgiving dinner, or leashing up your favorite furry animal for your daily walk.


We understand your house isn’t just a place to live, or a stack of bills to pay, it is your life. Your windows aren’t just a way to let light in, but are a frame to view life’s most glorious creations; love, laughter, and hope. At Advanced Window Products we are proud to be part of the stability and security your home can be, and we hope our windows will be the view to the memories you’ll look back on for years to come.

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